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Spanish for babel 5.0p

This is the babel style for the Spanish language (5.0p).


5.0a. 2007-02-21 Reimplemented in full, which some parts rewritten from scratch. Added the es- mechanism and the mexico option. Many bug fixes

5.0d. 2008-05-25 Fixed two bugs: misplaced subscripts with lim and the like; problem with roman and hyperref

5.0e. 2008-07-06 Fixed '', which gobbled the space following.

5.0f. Internal. 5.0g. 2008-07-19 Fixed '' again, which killed the preceding kerning

5.0h. 2009-01-02 Added two package options: es-noenumerate, es-noitemize.

5.0i. 2009-05-11 Fixed bug with romanidx.

5.0j. 2010-05-23 Fixed a babel bug for spanish to work with french. Fixed a bug with ifthen. Fixed a bug with ... and .

5.0k. 2011-10-06 Fixed an error when . had mathcode "8000 before loading spanish

5.0l (mistakenly identified as 5.0j). 2013-04-11 Adapted to new babel modifiers

5.0m. 2014-01-29 Fixed (rare) bug in font sizes when superscript o/a where used Fixed bad spacing in tabular and accents in OT1 encoding Restored code for ., accidentally deleted in previous version

5.0n. 2014-04-24 New macros spanishdate, spanishDate, which format dates (today, Today are now based on them) Mainly internal changes, using the new tools in babel 3.9 Fixed error with foreignlanguage in tabular

5.0o. 2016-01-15 New macro spanishdatefirst Fixed a bug when alph reached tilde-n Fixed dotlessi with lua (but not acute, yet)

5.0p. 2016-03-03 Fixed acute with lua (it now uses the composite char)


Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (208.9k).

babel-spanish – Babel support for Spanish

This bundle provides the means to typeset Spanish text, with the support provided by the standard package babel.

Note that separate support is provided for those who wish to typeset Spanish as written in Mexico.

Version5.0p 2016-03-03
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3
Copyright1997–2016 Javier Bezos and Cervan
MaintainerJavier Bezos López
Julio Sanchez
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