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The gtrlib.largetrees Package

Copyright (C) 2015-2018 Richard Grewe

Released under the Project Public License version 1.2 or later


The main goal of the gtrlib.largetrees package is to offer additional database fields and formats for the genealogytree package, particularly for typesetting large trees. This package is the side product of typesetting an actual genealogy tree with almost 400 persons on 16 levels and on a DIN-A0 poster.


The gtrlib.largetrees package is on github.

Manual Installation

The gtrlib.largetrees package comes with (at least) the following files

  • gtrlib.largetrees.ins
  • gtrlib.largetrees.dtx
  • README.md

and possibly also with

  • Makefile
  • gtrlib.largetrees.pdf (generated from gtrlib.largetrees.dtx)
  • gtrlib.largetrees.sty (generated from gtrlib.largetrees.dtx)
  • gtrlib.largetrees.code.tex (generated from gtrlib.largetrees.dtx)

To install the gtrlib.largetrees package, you additionally need

  • docstrip.tex

To build the package (gtrlib.largetrees.sty) as well as the library for the genealogytree package (gtrlib.largetrees.code.tex), run one of the following

    latex gtrlib.largetrees.ins
    make package (needs Makefile)

Put the resulting gtrlib.largetrees.sty and gtrlib.largetrees.code.tex somewhere where can find it. Read the documentation of your system to find out where this might be.

Building Documentation

To build the documentation of the gtrlib.largetrees package, you need the following dependencies of the package itself

  • etoolbox
  • genealogytree

and additionally need the following classes and packages:

  • ltxdoc
  • idxlayout
  • enumitem
  • biblatex
  • filecontents
  • showexpl
  • pbox
  • hypdoc
  • cleveref

as well as the tools

  • pdflatex
  • biber
  • makeindex

To build the documentation (gtrlib.largetrees.pdf), either run

    make docs

or the following sequence of commands

    pdflatex gtrlib.largetrees.dtx
    biber gtrlib.largetrees
    makeindex -s gind.ist -o gtrlib.largetrees.ind gtrlib.largetrees.idx
    makeindex -s gglo.ist -o gtrlib.largetrees.gls gtrlib.largetrees.glo
    pdflatex gtrlib.largetrees.dtx
    pdflatex gtrlib.largetrees.dtx

Happy 'ing

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (313.8k).

gtrlib.largetrees – Library for genealogytree aiming at large trees

The main goal of this package is to offer additional database fields and formats for the genealogytree package, particularly for typesetting large trees.

The package depends on genealogytree and etoolbox.

Version1.2b 2018-11-02
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.2
Copyright2015–2018 Richard Grewe
MaintainerRichard Grewe
See alsogenealogytree
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