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LaTeX package hypdvips 2019/07/31 v3.03

The hypdvips package is a collection of add-ons and fixes for problems when
using hyperref with dvips. It adds support for breaking links, hyperlinked
tablenotes, file attachments, embedded documents and different types of GoTo-
links. In addition, the cooperation with cleveref allows an enhanced back-
referencing system.


v3.03 - fixes /rangecheck error in ps2pdf when the `objdef' keyword is used
        in a \pdfmark in conjunction with package option `quadpoints=false'
        (thanks to Joseph Wright for the bug-report)
      - supports newer versions of KOMA-Script (fixes \bmstyle command)
      - supports newer versions of the Ghostscript software (fixes hyperlinks
        for version 9.14 and above)

v3.02 - fixes erroneous `disable' and `enable' text output before and after
        the \tableofcontents, \listoffigures, \listoftables, and
        \listofattachments commands when hyperref option backref is disabled
        (thanks to Matthias Walter for the bug-report and to Heiko Oberdiek
        for analyzing the bug)

v3.01 - supports newer versions of KOMA-Script (thanks to Peter Ebelsberger
        for the bug-report and to Enrico Gregorio and Heiko Oberdiek for
        analyzing and fixing the bug)
      - supports newer versions of cleveref
      - removes support for jobnames which start with a parenthesis `('
        as it interferes with latex' command line option -output-directory
        (thanks to Dominik Derigs for the bug-report)
      - improves algorithm which decides whether to break links

v3.00 - supports newer versions of hyperref
      - loads the PU encoding only when it's really needed (thanks to Manuel
        Cartignies for the bug-report)
      - improves compatibility with package acronym (thanks to Timo Stein for
        the bug-report)
      - fixes duplicate back-references when option `detailedbr' is disabled

v2.04 - improves compatibility with package biblatex (thanks to Alexander
        Wilbuer for the bug-report)
      - improves compatibility with AMS document classes (thanks to Ilya
        Zakharevich for the bug-report)
      - uses package atveryend instead of zref in order to avoid e-TeX
      - adds support for package wrapfig
      - corrects a bug in enumeration of subfigure anchors

v2.03 - fixes broken links within cleveref references
      - breaks up links between pages and columns into individual links
v2.02 - improves compatibility with package caption (thanks to Benedikt Leinss
        for the bug-report)
      - fixes the \bmstyle command to work with chapters (thanks to Benedikt
        Leinss for the bug-report)
      - fixes incorrect spacing after certain environments (thanks to Benedikt
        Leinss for the bug-report)

v2.01 - does not implicitly load the hyperref package anymore
      - restores the original \autoref command of the hyperref package
      - fixes labels and anchors to not be corrupted after certain environments

v2.00 - supports newer versions of hyperref and cleveref
      - new package option `emptypagelabels': allows to choose whether empty
        PDF pagelabels are created if pagestyle is set to `empty' (thanks to
        Sebastian Bomberg for the suggestion)
      - uses \backrefalt for back-referencing system (thanks to Benedikt Leinss
        for the bug-report)
      - changes \bmstyle to use \bookmarkdefinestyle

v1.06 - new package option `nlwarning': allows to suppress warnings concerning
        nested links (thanks to Marco Daniel for the suggestion)
      - fixes duplicate warnings about nested links when option `evenboxes'
        is disabled

v1.05 - improves compatibility with packages tabularx & subcaption (thanks to
        Marco Daniel for the bug-report)

v1.04 - fixes problem with back-reference when citing in footnotetext and
        option `smallfootnotes' is enabled

v1.03 - new package options: `flip' & `mirror'
      - adds support for package threeparttable: tablenotes are now hyperlinked
      - fixes corrupted /Names entry in {Catalog} when embedding files

v1.02 - better support for broken links (should now work in tables too)
      - fixes \bmstyle command

v1.01 - uses xcolor package to achieve better print quality when hyperref 
        option `colorlinks' is used
      - patches bookmark package to work with jobnames which start with a 
        parenthesis `('
      - corrects some minor typos in the documentation

v1.00 - initial release

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (1.1M).

hypdvips – Hyper­ref ex­ten­sions for use with dvips

The hypdvips pack­age fixes some prob­lems when us­ing hy­per­ref with dvips. It also adds sup­port for break­ing links, file at­tach­ments, em­bed­ded doc­u­ments and dif­fer­ent types of GoTo-links. The co­op­er­a­tion of hy­per­ref with clev­eref is im­proved, which in ad­di­tion al­lows an en­hanced back-ref­er­enc­ing sys­tem.

Ver­sion3.03 2019-07-31
Li­censesThe Project Public Li­cense 1.3
Copy­right2008–2019 Raimund Niedrist
Main­tainerRaimund Niedrist
Con­tained inTeX Live as hypdvips
MiKTeX as hypdvips
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