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This topic con­tains pack­ages with sup­port for hy­per­text.

Multi-line links with hy­per­ref
Items from the AeB Pro Fam­ily of Soft­ware
Ex­tends the hy­per­ref pack­age with a mech­a­nism for hy­per­linked URLs ab­bre­vi­ated with pre­fixes
Make hy­per-ref­er­ences back from bib­li­og­ra­phy to ci­ta­tion
A new book­mark (out­line) or­ga­ni­za­tion for hy­per­ref
Line-break­able \url-like links in hy­per­ref when com­pil­ing via dvips/ps2pdf
Insert hy­per­links for in­cluded files
Create cor­rect hy­per­links for DOI num­bers
Back-ref­er­ences from foot­notes
Sim­plify us­age of \hy­per­tar­get and \hy­per­link
Sup­press hy­per links when print­ing
Hyper­text book­marks in sec­tion­ing com­mands
Ad­just­ing the an­chors of cap­tions
Hyper­ref des­ti­na­tion op­ti­mizer
Hyper ex­ten­sions for doc.sty
Hyper­ref ex­ten­sions for use with dvips
Hyper­text cross ref­er­enc­ing
Al­low hy­per­ref and nat­bib to work to­gether
Ex­ten­sive sup­port for hy­per­text in
Pro­duce ex­ter­nal links in­stead of in­ter­nal ones
Ad­just­ment for us­ing hy­per­ref in mem­oir doc­u­ments
Hyper­text tools for use with
PDF fea­tures across for­mats and en­gines
Sup­port screen-based doc­u­ment de­sign
Hyper­ref sup­port for p
Hyper­links for a wide range of URIs
In­ter-doc­u­ment hy­per-ref­er­ences
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