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tkz-euclide — for euclidean geometry

Release 4.051 b 2022/02/25


tkz-euclide is a package (latex) which allows you to draw two-dimensional geometric figures, in other words to create figures of Euclidean geometry. It uses a Cartesian coordinate system orthogonormal (unit 1cm) as well as tools to define the unique coordinates of points and to manipulate them. The idea is to allow you to follow step by step a construction that would be done by hand as naturally as possible.


This package may be modified and distributed under the terms and conditions of the Project Public License, version 1.3 or greater.


The package compiles with utf8, pdflatex and lualatex, loads and depends on updated versions of:


The package tkz-euclide is present in Live and MiK, use the package manager to install.

You can experiment with the tkz-euclide package by placing all of the distribution files in the directory containing your current tex file.

The different files must be moved into the different directories in your installation TDS tree or in your TEXMFHOME:

How to use it

To use the package tkz-euclide, place the following lines in the preamble of your document:


your code


The line \usetkzobj{all} is no longer required with tkz-euclide but you can use it with other packages.

If you use the xcolor package, load that package before tkz-euclide to avoid package conflicts.


Documentation for tkz-euclide is available on CTAN.


All examples given in documentation will be stored on my site : http://altermundus.fr as standalone files, ready for compilation.

Other examples, in French, are on my site.


The new version of tkz-euclide is not fully compatible with the version 3.06 but the differences are minor.


  • 4.051b Fixed a problem when tkz-base is loaded.
  • 4.05b tkzInterLC new option near new method to choice the points tkzInterCC new method to choice the points tkzDefTangent add method to choice the points tkzTestInterLC and iftkzFlagLC tkzTestInterLC and iftkzFlagCC
  • \tkzDefHarmonic option ext int both then node or R
    \tkzDefGoldenRatio new macro
    \tkzSwapPoints  Exchange two points
    \tkzPermute  Permutation of two points of a triangle
    \tkzDefPointsBy option rotation with nodes no need to know the angle
    \tkzMarkArc and \tkzLabelArc
    \tkzDefPointOnCircle[angle=30,center=K1,radius=\rAp] becomes  
    \tkzDefPointOnCircle[R= angle 30 center K1 radius \rAp]
    Added  \tkzDefPointOnCircle[through= angle 30 center K1 point \rAp]
    Added some styles to place arrow "tkz arrow" and "tkz arrows" 
    Added " line cap =round" and "line join =round" to all the constructions
    Added information about angles in the documentation
  • 4.03 Adaptation of the code and documentation to the changes of the macros for the intersections.
  • 4.02 Major changes for the macros concerning the intersection of a line and a circle or two circles. If one point of the intersection is known then you can use the "common" option and indicate what the common point is. The second point is given in tkzFirstPointResult. In other cases, for the intersection of two circles the determined points form angles with the centers of the circles. One of the angles measures less than 180 degrees and the other more than 180. The smaller one determines tkzFirstPointResult.

For the intersection of a line and a circle, the method is the same except that the angle is formed by a point on the line and the center of the circle.

  • 4.01

tkzDefOrthogonalCircle was defined twice so I deleted the version in tkz-obj-eu-circles-by

In the tkz-obj-eu-draw-lines.tex new code for add dim from muzimuzhi Z. The code comes from an answer on the site tex.stackexchange.com

In the file tkz-obj-eu-draw-triangles.tex added options pythagoras and egyptian equivalent to pythagore euclid equivalent to euclide two one equivalent to half

 Added option "swap" useful with golden, gold, school, half, pythagoras

In the file tkz-obj-eu-circles correction of bug in tkzDefOrthoThroughCircle : tkz@@CalcLength has been replaced by tkz@@CalcLengthcm

 Addition of the macro tkzDefGoldenRatio in tkz-obj-eu-points-spc. It allows to split a segment with a ratio equal to the golden ratio

Minor corrections of the documentation. New examples about option "dim"

  • 4.00 correction of bugs, tkz-euclide no longer depends on tkz-base. The unit is "cm". The bounding box is controlled. The documentation has been restructured according to the rule: set, calculate, draw, mark and fill, label.
  • 3.06 correction of bugs, amelioration of the documentation.
  • 3.05 correction of bugs, amelioration of the documentation.
  • 3.02 replacement french documentation by english documentation, correction of bugs.
  • 3.01 replacement fp for xfp, addition of some macros, correction of bugs
  • 1.16 correction of bugs
  • 1.13 first version


Alain Matthes, 5 rue de Valence, Paris 75005, al (dot) ma (at) mac (dot) com

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.1M).

tkz-euclide – Tools for drawing Euclidean geometry

The tkz-euclide package is a set of files designed to give math teachers and students easy access to the programming of Euclidean geometry with TikZ.

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Version4.051b 2022-02-25
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