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readme-tkz-euclide.txt V1.16 c 01/06/2011 

tkz-euclide is a replacement package for the original tkz-2d package.   
tkz-euclide uses the Cartesian (rectangular) coordinate system provided by the
package tkz-base.sty. It is designed to create figures based on Euclidean geometry.


This program can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms
of the LaTeX Project Public License Distributed from CTAN
archives in directory macros/latex/base/lppl.txt. 

 -- needs etex and fp.sty;
 -- requires and automatically loads  PGF/TikZ 2.1; 
 -- compiles with utf8, pdflatex;
 -- compiles using the chain dvi->dvips->ps2pdf; 
 -- not yet ready for use with TeX and ConText (I need more time and ideas); 

You can experiment with the tkz-euclide package by placing all of the
distribution files in the directory containing your current tex file.

You can also placing all of the distribution files in the directory : 

tkz-euclide.sty uses a lot of files. The directory tkzeuclide contains the
 following files :

 -- tkz-euclide.sty
 -- tkz-lib-symbols.tex
 -- tkz-obj-addpoints.tex
 -- tkz-obj-angles.tex
 -- tkz-obj-arcs.tex
 -- tkz-obj-circles.tex
 -- tkz-obj-lines.tex
 -- tkz-obj-protractor.tex
 -- tkz-obj-polygons.tex
 -- tkz-obj-sectors.tex
 -- tkz-obj-segments.tex
 -- tkz-obj-vectors.tex
 -- tkz-tools-intersections.tex
 -- tkz-tools-transformations.tex 

tkz-euclide also uses the files in the directory tkzbase:

 -- tkz-base.cfg 
 -- tkz-obj-segments.tex
 -- tkz-tools-misc.tex
 -- tkz-base.sty
 -- tkz-tools-arith.tex
 -- tkz-tools-obsolete.tex
 -- tkz-obj-marks.tex	tkz-tools-base.tex
 -- tkz-tools-utilities.tex
 -- tkz-obj-points.tex
 -- tkz-tools-math.tex
How to use it

To use the package tkz-euclide, place the following lines in the preamble of
 your LaTeX document.

\usepackage{tkz-euclide}  loads tkz-base and TikZ. \usetkzobj{all}  loads all
 objects used by tkz-euclide. 

If you don't need to use all of the objects provided by tkz-euclide, you can
 load just the ones you need.


This loads two specific objects, circles and polygons.

If you use the xcolor package, load that package before tkz-euclide to avoid
 package conflicts.


 Documentation for tkz-euclide and tkz-base is available on my sites:
 http://altermundus.fr (en fran├žais) or  http://altermundus.fr (in english) 
 Documentation for printing will be ready soon. 
 All  examples given in documentation will be stored on my sites as standalone
  files, ready for compilation.  


The new package tkz-euclide is *not* compatible with older packages tkz-base,
 tkz-2d, and tkz-arith.  


-- 1.16 correction of bugs
-- 1.13 first version      

 Alain Matthes
 5 rue de Valence
 Paris 75005  
 al (dot) ma (at) mac (dot) com 

Down­load the con­tents of this pack­age in one zip archive (800.8k).

tkz-eu­clide – Tools for draw­ing Eu­clidean ge­om­e­try

The tkz-eu­clide pack­age is a set of files de­signed to give math teach­ers and stu­dents easy ac­cess to the pro­gram­ming of Eu­clidean ge­om­e­try with TikZ.

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