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XDUTS (Xidian University Suite) is a 3 document class and package suite for undergraduate/postgraduate students in Xidian University, which can be compiled with XeLaTeX on Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux, Overleaf, and Page. It is designed to typesetting proposal/thesis and other documents.

XDUTS currently includes:

  • xdufont.sty, Xidian University Font package
  • xduugtp.cls, Xidian University Undergraduate Thesis Proposal document class
  • xdupgthesis.cls, Xidian University Postgraduate Thesis document class
  • xduugthesis.cls, Xidian University Undergraduate Thesis document class

In the future, we plan to add the following document class, including

  • xdupgtp.cls, Xidian University Postgraduate Thesis Proposal document class



If using Live/Mac, make sure that the latest version of Live/Mac is installed. Then update all packages by running command below. If on Windows, it may be necessary to start a Command Prompt as an Administrator. If on macOS or GNU/Linux, it may be necessary to run the command with sudo.

tlmgr update --all --self


If using MiK, update all installed packages by running command below.

miktex packages update


You can install XDUTS from either CTAN or GitHub by following the instructions below. Generally speaking, CTAN updates XDUTS slowly. If you want to use the latest version of XDUTS, get XDUTS from GitHub.



After completing the preparation, run command below to open the documentation.

texdoc xduts


If you have installed distribution locally, you can get the document class/package files and the documentation according to the description below. Otherwise, you need to download the document class/package files and the documentation from CTAN. Finally, upload the document class/package files to the project on Overleaf/Page.


After completing the preparation, download this repository and run the following commands in the downloaded folder to get the document class/package files and the documentation.

xetex xduts.ins
l3build doc


To update, simply follow the description above, which is the same as installation.


Be sure to read the documentation (i.e., xduts.pdf) from the beginning in order to use XDUTS better.


xdulogo.pdf should be placed in the same directory as xduugthesis.cls.


XDUTS is subject to the Project Public License version 1.3c or later version.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (1.2M).

xduts – Xidian University Suite

XDUTS is designed to help Xidian University students use typesetting efficiently. XDUTS contains a font configuration package that meets the school’s requirements and can be applied to any document class. In addition, there are thesis and thesis proposal templates for both undergraduate and postgraduate that meet the school’s requirements.

Bug trackerhttps://github.com/note286/xduts/issues
Version6.1.4.2 2023-03-23
LicensesThe Project Public License 1.3c
Copyright2022–2023 note286
Contained inTeX Live as xduts
MiKTeX as xduts
TopicsExperimental 3

See alsoxduthesis
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