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This topic con­tains pack­ages to type­set re­ports, di­a­grams, etc., of statis­tics.

De­fines some com­mands that sim­plify math­e­matic no­ta­tion in eco­nomic and econo­met­ric writ­ing.
In­clude .Rnw in­side .tex.
Beamer doc­u­ment class for MedS­tar Health Re­search In­sti­tute.
Ac­cess to R anal­y­sis from within a doc­u­ment.
Type­set SAS or R code or out­put.
Statis­tics style.
Statis­tics style.
Com­pute and type­set statis­tics ta­bles and graph­ics.
A pack­age for sim­ple use of sta­tis­ti­cal no­ta­tion.
Dis­plays SAS code and re­sults of run­ning the code.
Draw Bayesian net­works, graph­i­cal mod­els and di­rected fac­tor graphs.
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