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This topic con­tains pack­ages to un­der­line/over­line text (in­clud­ing other dec­o­ra­tions).

Un­der­line with dot­ted or dashed lines
Im­proved un­der­lines in math­e­mat­ics
Hyphen­ation for let­terspac­ing, un­der­lin­ing, and more
A fancy means of un­der­lin­ing
Per­mit use of UTF-8 char­ac­ters in soul
Pack­age for un­der­lin­ing
Un­der­line text al­low­ing line break­ing
Un­der­lined run­ning heads
Multi-word un­der­lin­ing
Shorter (and longer) un­der­lines and un­der­bars
Draw wig­gly lines un­der text
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