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Boris Veytsman

Class for type­set­ting pub­li­ca­tions of ACM
Ad­just­ing mar­gins for mul­ti­col­umn and sin­gle col­umn out­put
Adobe Caslon font in
Type­set­ting ar­ti­cles for Archives of Foren­sic Psy­chol­ogy
Type­set ar­ti­cles for the An­nals of Math­e­mat­ics
A BibTeX pack­age to pro­duce lists of au­thors’ best pa­pers
BibTeX Perl Li­braries
Upright punc­tu­a­tion with CM slanted
Upright punc­tu­a­tion with CM italic
Com­mented edi­tions with
Scripts for work­ing with cross­ref.org
sup­port for the di­vine font
Met­rics and sup­port for Dogma Font From Emi­gre Graph­ics
Ad­dresses on en­velopes or mail­ing la­bels
Style for Re­ports by US Army Corps of Engi­neers
Style for Mu­ni­tions Man­age­ment Project Re­ports
Fit graph­ics on a page
In­ter­face be­tween foil­tex and 2HTML
Met­rics and sup­port for Fu­tura Fonts From Adobe As Used By No Starch Press
Al­ter­na­tive un­slanted italic Com­puter Modern fonts
Class for the Is­rael Jour­nal of Math­e­mat­ics
Sup­port files for the Mono­type Im­print Shadow fonts
Pro­duce ex­ter­nal links in­stead of in­ter­nal ones
Ex­panded Times Ro­man fonts
Sup­port files for the Lino­type Sabon fonts
Sup­port for Mi­crosoft Ge­or­gia and ITC Franklin Gothic
Upright dig­its in Adobe Utopia Italic
Sev­eral ver­sions of out­put from the same source
Mul­ti­ple ver­sions of a bib­li­og­ra­phy, with dif­fer­ent sort or­ders
Met­rics and sup­port for ITC New Baskerville Font From Adobe
Mul­ti­ple ver­sions of a bib­li­og­ra­phy, with dif­fer­ent sort or­ders
Pro­duce lists of sym­bols as in nomen­cla­ture
class for No Starch Press
Sup­port for Adobe Caslon Open Face
Gen­er­ate pedi­gree files from CSV files
Type­set­ting ar­ti­cles for "Philoso­phers' Im­print"
Draw med­i­cal pedi­grees us­ing PSTricks
Print raw Rus­sian text
Type­set ar­ti­cles for the jour­nal Res Philo­soph­ica
Rel­a­tive View­port for Graph­ics In­clu­sion
For­mat pa­pers for the an­nual meet­ing of EEGS
Split long se­quences of char­ac­ters in a neu­tral way
A tool for redact­ing sources
Met­rics and sup­port for Sans Mono Con­densed Font
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