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Date: January 16, 2023 8:41:09 PM CET
The PGF/TikZ Team submitted an update to the pgf package. Version number: 3.1.10 License type: lppl1.3c gpl2 fdl Summary description: Create PostScript and PDF graphics in TeX Announcement text:
## [3.1.10] - 2023-01-13 Henri Menke Even though this release is not too heavy on user-facing additions it has seen a lot of contributed changes. Thanks to everyone who volunteered their time! ### BREAKING CHANGES - `\pgfversiondatetime` and `\pgfrevisiondatetime` have been removed. `\pgfversiondate` and `\pgfrevisiondate` now use the format `YYYY-MM-DD`. `\pgfrevision{,date}` and `\pgfversion{,date}` are synonyms for now, but the revision should eventually gain back its original meaning. However, as of now this is not supported by l3build. - Many operations in `pgfkeys` used to use `\csname` directly which lets the given csname become `\relax` in case it wasn't defined. This resulted in some leakage of accidentally `\relax`ed keys into the global scope. This has been cleaned up a little. To preserve compatibility macros that used to expand to a `\relax`ed csname now expand to a primitive `\relax`. This affects the user-level commands `\pgfkeysgetvalue` and `\pgfkeysgetvalueof`. For the former the change should not be visible except for the number of expansions required. For `\pgfkeysgetvalueof`, however, the behavior is manifestly different in that it will now expand to an alias for the primitive `\relax` in case the value is undefined instead of a `\relax`ed csname. It has always been semantically wrong to assign to the result of `\pgfkeysgetvalueof`, but now it will have undesired side-effects. Therefore this change is breaking. - The `textures` and `vtex` drivers have been deprecated. Both engines are no longer in active development and lack eTeX features which are required for quite some time in PGF. - The file `pgfutil-common-lists.tex` is deprecated and therefore no longer `\input` by `pgfutil-common.tex`. The macros from this file are specifically meant for pgfplots and are not used in PGF at all. ### Added - l3build support for packaging PGF/TikZ - Add Matrix chat to README - Add rhombic polihedra #1022 - Add Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO) to Pull Request template and enforce - Add test set for `graphdrawing` (gd) - pgfkeys gained support for loading libraries - Add dependabot to keep GitHub Actions up to date ### Fixed - Wrap logic gate symbol in `\pgfinterruptpicture` for shapes in library `shapes.gates.logic.IEC` - Remove superfluous `;` for shape `arrow box` - Remove superfluous `/utils/exec` in animations - Gobble `\pgf at stop` when parsing finishes in animations - Add missing `\pgf at sys@tonumber` before `<dimen>` in drivers and animations - Rewrite `dash expand off` - Better unknown key error msg in decorations - Fix `\let` in drivers for two csnames #1088 - Protect against comma in pgfkeys arguments #389 - Let active `"` expand to non-active `"` in pgfmath #1062 - Protect against comma in `/tikz/rotate fit` argument and make it eagerly evaluated #1071 - Set pics/code in angle #1068 - Fix for externalization and horizontal mode - Avoid spurious tokens in `\pgfcalendarifdate` expansion - Remove angle restriction #1048 - Fix compatibility of `external` lib with `fadings` lib - Only clearpage and flush `\pgfutil at everybye` if non-empty #724 - Fix foreach documentation #1039 - Fix pgfmathless documentation #1040 - Blend mode as array is deprecated #1037 - One-step expansion for `\pgfmathrandomitem` in pgfmath #1033 - Check whether expanded is a primitive in all engines - Reinsert the last token when giving up on a path #1025 - Make `/tikz/local bounding box` aware of `name prefix` and `name suffix` - Add empty Pattern dictionary to Resources dictionary - Spelling and typo fixes in the manual - Update Debian installation instructions - Suppress white space at line end when `datavisualization` reads from a file #1112 - Form-only patterns have no specified color #1122 - Make `graphdrawing` work with `name prefix` and `name suffix` options #1087 - pgfkeys was a bit too relaxed around `\relax` #1132 - Remove spurious spaces for `3d view` #1151 - Fix incorrectly placed matrix delimiters for implicitly positioned nodes #1102 - Use `/.append` to fix a wrong usage of `/.add` in pgfmanual #1201 ### Changed - Cleanup `\newif`s - Remove unused scripts - Remove experiments/ folder - Simplify loading by delegating to top-level files - Promote `Missing character` to errors in building manual - Flatten the doc tree - Ensure `\tracinglostchars<3` in `\pgf at picture` - Use descriptive workflow job ids - Ensure `doc` v2 is loaded for pgfmanual - Ensure active `^^M` is non-expandable in `codeexample` ### Contributors - 3geek14 - BeneIII - graue70 - Gábor Braun - Joel Coffman - Jonathan Spratte - Joseph Wright - Mario Frasca - Michael Kuron - Michal Hoftich - muzimuzhi - PhelypeOleinik - QJLc - Stefan Pinnow
This package is located at https://mirrors.ctan.org/graphics/pgf/base More information is at https://www.ctan.org/pkg/pgf
Thanks for the upload. For the CTAN Team Erik Braun
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pgf – Create PostScript and PDF graphics in

PGF is a macro package for creating graphics. It is platform- and format-independent and works together with the most important backend drivers, including pdf and dvips. It comes with a user-friendly syntax layer called TikZ.

Its usage is similar to pstricks and the standard picture environment. PGF works with plain (pdf-), (pdf-), and Cont. Unlike pstricks, it can produce either PostScript or PDF output.

Copyright2005–2016 Till Tantau
2019–2020 Henri Menke
2021–2023 The PGF/TikZ Team
MaintainerChristian Feuersänger
Henri Menke
The PGF/TikZ Team
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