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ipaex-type1 PACKAGE

This package contains the IPAex Fonts converted into Unicode subfonts in Type1 format, which is most suitable for use with the CJK package. Font conversion was done with ttf2pt1.


Place the files in the package as follows:

  • tfm/*.tfm → $TEXMF/fonts/tfm/public/ipaex-type1/
    • type1/*.pfb → $TEXMF/fonts/type1/public/ipaex-type1/
    • enc/*.enc → $TEXMF/fonts/enc/dvips/ipaex-type1/
    • ipaex-type1.map → $TEXMF/fonts/map/dvips/ipaex-type1/
    • *.sty → $TEXMF/tex/latex/ipaex-type1/
    • *.fd, *.fdx → $TEXMF/tex/latex/ipaex-type1/

After that, invoke updmap as usual.

updmap --enable Map ipaex-type1.map

Usage in

After installation, you can use the following two font families,

  • ipxm = IPAexMincho
    • ipxg = IPAexGothic

in the following encodings:

  • OT1 / T1 / TS1 / LY1 encodings
    • UTF8 encoding of the CJK package (internally called C70)

An example of using an alphabetic encoding.

\textsf{Test}\quad Hello, {\TeX} world!

An example of using the CJK package.

% encoded in UTF-8

In addition, the ipaex-type1 bundle of version 0.4 or later provides a package (also called “ipaex-type1”) which enables users to use the fonts more easily.


This package is distributed under the “IPA Font License Agreement v1.0” (see the file named LICENSE for detail).

Copyright 2003-2015 Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA) Copyright 2013-2018 Takayuki YATO (aka. "ZR")

ipaex-type1 Package


There are no package options available.



The description assumes that the CJK package is employed.

  • \ipxmfamily/\ipxgfamily: Changes both the CJK and non-CJK families to ipxm/ipxg.
    • \textipxm{<text>}/\textipxg{<text>}: The text-command version of the above.
    • \CJKipxmfamily/\CJKipxgfamily: Changes only the CJK family to ipxm/ipxg. (It is the same as \CJKfamily{ipxm} etc.)
    • \textCJKipxm{<text>}/\textCJKipxg{<text>}: The text-command version of the above.
    • \ipxmsymbol{<Unicode-point>}/\ipxgsymbol{<Unicode-point>}: Prints a CJK character with the given Unicode point using CJK family ipxm/ipxg. For example, \ipxmsymbol{"2603} has the same effect as {\CJKfamily{ipxm}\Unicode{"26}{"03}}.

When the CJK package is not loaded, or the commands are invoked outside CJK(*) environments, the effect on CJK families are generally omitted. Namely, \ipxmfamily will change the (sole, non-CJK) family to ipxm, and \CJKipxgfamily will do nothing. There are however some exceptions to the general rule, which are described in the following subsections.

\textCJKipxm/\textCJKipxg commands

When the CJK package is loaded and \textCJKipxm is invoked outside CJK environments, then the argument text will be automatically placed in a temporary CJK* environment. The example:

Japan (\textCJKipxm{日本})

has the same effect as:

Japan (\begin{CJK*}{UTF8}{ipxm}日本\end{CJK*})

\ipxmsymbol/\ipxgsymbol commands

These two commands can be used outside CJK environments and even without the CJK package. In that case, the CJK characters are treated like symbol characters. For example, if you need only to write a single Japanese word “日本” in your document, then you can dispense with the CJK package and write as follows:

Japan (\ipxmsymbol{"65E5}\ipxmsymbol{"672C})

Revision History

  • Version 0.5 ‹2018/05/05›
    • Support for LY1 encoding.
    • Version 0.4b ‹2018/04/20›
      • The font map is made to employ enc files.
        • Bug fix of ipaex-type1.sty.
    • Version 0.4a ‹2016/10/20›
      • Bug fix.
    • Version 0.4 ‹2016/10/01›
      • Converted from the version 003.01 of the IPAex Fonts.
        • Supported non-BMP characters.
        • Provided a package.
    • Version 0.3b ‹2013/10/11›
      • Document correction.
    • Version 0.3a ‹2013/05/18›
      • (experimental) Set offset in vertical writing.
    • Version 0.3 ‹2013/05/08›
      • (experimental) Supported vertical writing.
    • Version 0.2a ‹2013/04/22›
      • Fixed spacing in some TFMs in OT1/T1/TS1 encodings.
    • Version 0.2 ‹2013/04/21›
      • First public version.

Takayuki YATO (aka. "ZR") https://github.com/zr-tex8r

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (14.5M).

ipaex-type1 – IPAex fonts converted to Type-1 format Unicode subfonts

The package contains the IPAex Fonts converted into Unicode subfonts in Type1 format, which is most suitable for use with the CJK package.

Font conversion was done with ttf2pt1.

Version0.5 2018-05-05
LicensesFree license not otherwise listed
Copyright2003–2015 Information-technology Promotion Agency, Japan (IPA)
2013–2018 Takayuki YATO
MaintainerTakayuki Yato
Contained inTeX Live as ipaex-type1
MiKTeX as ipaex-type1
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