CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Takayuki Yato

BX bun­dle base com­po­nents
Ex­tend the func­tion­al­ity of the calc pack­age
Type­set Ja­panese with pdf and CJK
Dvipdfmx ex­tras for use with beamer
En­ables spec­i­fy­ing a driver op­tion ef­fec­tive only in DVI out­put
Eepic fa­cil­i­ties us­ing pic­t2e
En­close the doc­u­ment body with some pieces of code
Dummy text in Ja­panese
Ad­just the po­si­tion of paren­the­ses at para­graph head
Ja­panese doc­u­ment class col­lec­tion for all ma­jor en­gines
En­hanced \new­font com­mand
To re­tain the orig­i­nal cap­tion names when us­ing Ba­bel
Syn­chro­nize out­put pa­per size with lay­out pa­per size
Spec­ify ver­sion and com­pres­sion level of out­put PDF files
Ad­di­tional -fam­ily lo­gos
Con­vert dates from Gre­go­rian to Ja­panese cal­en­der
Check if the en­gine is p or one of its deriva­tives
IPAex fonts con­verted to Type-1 for­mat Uni­code sub­fonts
Util­ity to pro­cess p-ex­tended TFM and VF
Tools for use with (u)p
Ja­panese font setup for p and up
in­ter­face for the CJK cat­e­gory codes of up
Hyper­ref sup­port for p
Help change met­rics of fonts from japanese-otf
e-p driver for PGF in­ter-pic­ture con­nec­tions
Ruby an­no­ta­tions ac­cord­ing to JIS X 4051
Emu­late non-Uni­code Ja­panese fonts us­ing Uni­code fonts
Fall­back CJK font sup­port for xeCJK
Set up Ja­panese font fam­i­lies for XeLaTeX
Stan­dard con­form­ing type­set­ting of Ja­panese, for XeLaTeX
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