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This topic con­tains pack­ages with ed­i­tor marks, high­lights, etc.

Sup­press or per­mit an­no­ta­tions to a doc­u­ment.
Mark text with grey back­ground or change bar.
Gen­er­ate change­bars in doc­u­ments.
Man­ual change markup.
Change bar marks in Plain .
Draw change bars in the mar­gin.
Com­mented edi­tions with .
Selec­tively in­clude/ex­clude por­tions of text.
Com­ment macros for use in Plain .
Make ed­i­to­rial marks on a doc­u­ment.
Macros for mark­ing cor­rec­tion sheets.
A 2.09 style for sup­port­ing work on drafts.
Iden­tify draft copies.
Re­place fig­ures with a white box and ad­di­tional fea­tures.
Mark "DRAFT" in page head­ers.
Put draft marks on se­lected pages.
Put a grey tex­tual wa­ter­mark on doc­u­ment pages.
Pack­age to pro­vide a way to re­view (or per­form ed­i­to­rial pro­cess) in .
To-do notes in a doc­u­ment.
Edi­to­rial Notes for doc­u­ments.
Change bars for 2.09.
Er­ror markup for doc­u­ments.
Ex­tract parts of a doc­u­ment and write to an­other doc­u­ment.
Col­lab­o­ra­tive an­no­ta­tion tool for .
Add notes on doc­u­ment de­vel­op­ment.
Add edit­ing an­no­ta­tions in a Lua doc­u­ment.
Place text in the mar­gin of a doc­u­ment.
Quote and re­fer to a manuscript for mi­nor re­vi­sions.
Name au­thor­ity mech­a­nism for con­sis­tency in body text and in­dex.
Fa­cil­i­tate op­tional print­ing of parts of a doc­u­ment.
An­no­tate PDF files with mar­gin notes.
Mark pre­lim­i­nary copies with a line of in­for­ma­tion.
Al­lows the mark­ing of pre­lim­i­nary ver­sions of a doc­u­ment.
Com­mands for in­sert­ing an­no­ta­tions.
Com­pare doc­u­ments and pro­duce tagged merge.
Make a to-do list for a doc­u­ment.
Mark­ing things to do in a doc­u­ment.
Type­set tram boxes in .
Mark un­fin­ished parts of a doc­u­ment.
Mark ver­ti­cal rules in mar­gin of text.
Add ver­sion num­ber to a DVI file.
An ex­ten­sion of pack­age change­bar that can be used with XeLaTeX.
A col­lec­tion of handy macros for pa­per writ­ing.
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