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Graphics include

This topic contains packages to include external graphics.

User-friendly integration of Asymptote into .
Simple macros for EPS inclusion.
Include Encapsulated PostScript in documents.
A macro package for including EPS graphics.
Management of figures for large documents.
Extend graphicx to improve placement of graphics.
Simpler graphic, subfigure and float.
An enhanced version of graphics.
Standard graphics.
-style graphics for Plain users.
Enhanced support for graphics.
Insert a graphical image as a background.
Adobe Photoshop Data format (PSD) support for graphicx package.
Reduce size of PostScript files by not repeating images.
An extension of the graphicx package.
Include fragments of a dvi file.
Sophisticated graphics inclusion in a PDF document.
Provides a figure-like environment that break over pages.
Use Mathematica graphics in a document.
Extend the graphicx package for more formats.
A style for overlaying text on a PDF.
Include PDF documents in .
Annotate PDF files with margin notes.
PostScript box macros, etc.
A graphics inclusion package.
A PSTricks-compatible graphicx for use with Plain .
Put real hats on symbols instead of ^.
Relative Viewport for Graphics Inclusion.
Include and extract SVG pictures in documents.
Insert large images that do not fit into a single page.
Put labels on images using TikZ.
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