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Uwe Lück

Ger­man ab­bre­vi­a­tions us­ing thin space
‘\list­files’ en­tries from the com­mand line
Split list, in TeX's mouth
Ex­pand­able it­er­a­tion on comma-sep­a­rated and file­name lists
Generic han­dling of TeX cat­e­gory codes
Ap­ply a com­mand to a list of items
A sum­mary list of PiCTeX doc­u­men­ta­tion
Crit­i­cal an­no­ta­tions to foot­notes with ed­notes
Type­set schol­arly edi­tions
Fil­ter­ing files us­ing TeX
Ad­just be­haviour of the ends of foot­notes
En­hanced dis­play of LaTeX File In­for­ma­tion
Num­ber the lines of foot­notes
Ger­man HTML beamer pre­sen­ta­tion on nice­text and more­hype
Trace which file loads which
Util­ity macro: peek ahead with­out ig­nor­ing spaces
Bug fix for longtable
A com­par­i­son of pack­ages show­ing LaTeX file in­for­ma­tion
Tidy \list­files with long file names
Line num­bers on para­graphs
Sim­ple lan­guage-de­pen­dent set­tings based on lan­guage codes
Align­ment of plain text
Pre­pro­cess­ing doc­u­men­ta­tion with TeX
Hyper­text tools for use with LaTeX
Con­fig­ur­ing the out­put of the \list­files com­mand
Min­imis­ing markup for doc­u­ment­ing LaTeX pack­ages
Min­i­mal markup for sim­ple text (Wikipedia style) and doc­u­men­ta­tion
Pro­vide \list­files align­ment
Au­to­matic com­pu­ta­tion of bound­ing boxes with PiCTeX
A min­i­mal method for mak­ing generic pack­ages
Pro­vides GetFileInfo with­out the need to load the file
Dis­play class/pack­age/file in­for­ma­tion
Ex­per­i­men­tally use \holdin­gin­serts with LaTeX floats
Op­tion­ally omit pieces of text
Use Wiki-style markup in a LaTeX doc­u­ment
Ac­cess and com­pare info and mod­i­fi­ca­tion dates
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