CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Donald E. Knuth

Defini­tive source of Plain on CTAN
Com­puter Modern fonts
Sources of the Com­puter Modern fonts
PK bitmaps of the Com­puter Modern fonts
CM fonts test sources
Met­ric files for the Com­puter Modern fonts
Con­crete Ro­man fonts
A Web sys­tem in C
Type out the con­tent of a DVI file
Ge­neal­ogy sym­bols
The macros used in "Con­crete Math­e­mat­ics"
A plat­form for com­bi­na­to­rial al­go­rithms
Fonts for gray-scales
Knuth’s halftone font and its uses
ver­sion of tiles in the style of Slavik Jablan
The cur­rent state of Knuth's con­tri­bu­tions
The cur­rent state of Knuth's con­tri­bu­tions
Knuth’s pub­lished er­rata
Knuth's ex­am­ple let­ter macros
A small li­brary of sources
Knuth’s lo­cal in­for­ma­tion
A col­lec­tion of fonts used in dis­tri­bu­tions
List ASCII text files
List ASCII text files in land­scape
Knuth's "man­ual" fonts
A sys­tem for spec­i­fy­ing fonts
The source of The book
logo font
Sup­port­ing tools for use with
A pic­ture mode in Plain
The Plain for­mat
Don­ald Knuth's punk font
OpenType ver­sion of Knuth's Punk font
A "very bad type­writer" font
Select pages to be out­put from a doc­u­ment
Gen­er­ate com­pi­l­able source from web
A testbed for font eval­u­a­tion
A so­phis­ti­cated type­set­ting en­gine
The source of The book
Util­ity pro­grams for use with
Bidi­rec­tional ex­ten­sion of
Knuth's two-col­umn out­put macros
Knuth on vir­tual fonts
Tools for vir­tual font met­rics
Gen­er­ate source from web
The orig­i­nal lit­er­ate pro­gram­ming sys­tem
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