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Apostolos Syropoulos

Mul­ti­ple choice ques­tion­naires in two col­umn ta­bles
A col­lec­tion of ar­chaic fonts
A font to type­set maths in and Lua
Use the ASCII “font” in
Ba­bel sup­port for doc­u­ments writ­ten in Greek
A BibTeX style for Greek doc­u­ments
Com­plete set of Greek fonts
pack­age for the English raised dec­i­mal point
Math­e­mat­ics in Greek texts
Type­set­ting the Epi-Olmec Lan­guage
An OpenType Greek cal­lig­ra­phy font
Greek en­cod­ing sup­port for in­pu­tenc
Makein­dex work­ing with Greek
An­cient Greek (Athe­nian) num­bers
Type­set Greek text with Times New Ro­man Greek
Type­set­ting Greek ver­ba­tim
Type­set bib­li­ogra­phies which in­clude Greek
Lin­ear A script fonts
A Perl fil­ter pro­gram for use with PiCTeX
Create Adobe Type 3 fonts
Mul­ti­ple bib­li­ogra­phies
Sup­port for the Chero­kee lan­guage
Sup­port for the Inuk­ti­tut Lan­guage
Disk of Phais­tos font
A font to type­set the Philokalia Books
Doc­u­ment Ru­bik cube con­fig­u­ra­tions and ro­ta­tion se­quences
Type­set Ru­bik cubes and move no­ta­tion
Pro­cesses a se­quence of Ru­bik ro­ta­tions
Type­set Ru­bik TwoCubes and move no­ta­tion
Type­set Ice­landic staves and runic let­ters
A font with sym­bols for use in physics texts
Fonts to type­set with the xgreek pack­age
An ex­ten­sion of pack­age change­bar that can be used with XeLaTeX
Spot colours sup­port for XeLaTeX
Hyphen­ation for dif­fer­ent vari­ants of Greek, un­der
XeLaTeX pack­age for type­set­ting Greek lan­guage doc­u­ments (beta re­lease)
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