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Date: July 13, 2010 12:58:35 PM CEST
that daemon keeps finding things, and confusing me: > The following information was provided by the package's contributor. > > Name of contribution: The mh bundle > Author's name: Lars Madsen > Location on CTAN: macros/latex/contrib/mh/ > Summary description: Updates for the mh bundle > License type: lppl > > Announcement text given by the package's contributor: > ---------------------------------------------------------------------- > Updates for the MH bundle: > > mathstyle: typo in \currentstyle > > flexisym: fixed a problem with the capital greek letters in the > support files for mathpazo and mathptmx. > > mathtools: several bugfixes and some new macros, including an extended > version of \DeclarePairedDelimiter which can create delimited macros > with several arguments. A 'right' version of cases is also added. > > There are currently two open bugs in mathtools. If used with ntheorem > loaded with the thmmarks option, the showonlyrefs feature may behave > oddly. In the mathtools manual a fix is indicated (loading empheq with > specific options, before ntheorem). > > Secondly there is a bug with centercolon if used in combination with a > language that use an active colon, e.g. french. The problem goes back > to babel not differentiating between text and math when handling > active letters, or at least not providing any interfaces to deal with > mathematics. Thus there is no fix to this problem in the general case. thanks for the upload; i have installed the files and updated the catalogue repository entries. > Users may view the package catalogue entry at > http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/help/Catalogue/entries/mh.html (and linked entries for flexisym and mathtools) > or they may browse the package directory at > http://www.tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/macros/latex/contrib/mh/ the web versions of the catalogue entries will be updated overnight tonight. Robin Fairbairns For the CTAN team

mh – Stub for the (old) ‘mh’ bundle

The mh bundle was a series of packages to enhance the appearance of documents containing a lot of maths; the package were designed to support and extend the required amsmath The packages (no longer distributed as a bundle) comprise:

  • breqn, which enables automatic line-breaking in displayed equations;
  • empheq, which provides various mechanisms for ‘visual markup’ of mathematical matter;
  • flexisym, which converts symbol definitions to a form usable within breqn;
  • mathstyle, which takes advantage of ’s suppression of some of ’s maths operators, to improve the performance of sub- and superscripts, and other aspects of mathematical typesetting style, including the ever-tricky \mathchoice operator;
  • mathtools, providing a range of extensions to maths as a whole; and
  • mhsetup, which provides various programming tools for other packages of the set.

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