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CTAN Up­date: lib­ert­i­nus

Date: March 23, 2018 5:33:02 PM CET
Khaled Hosny sub­mit­ted an up­date to the lib­ert­i­nus pack­age. Ver­sion: 6.5 2018-03-21 Li­cense: ofl Sum­mary de­scrip­tion: The Lib­ert­i­nus font fam­ily An­nounce­ment text:
- Fix re­gres­sions in han­dling of ex­ten­si­ble com­bin­ing marks with LuaTeX. - Add Latin bold italic sans-serif al­pha­bet. - Add math­e­mat­i­cal dou­ble-struck dig­its. - En­able slashed zero fea­ture in math font. - Add big sizes for more brack­ets; \lBrack, \rBrack, \lan­gle, \ran­gle, \lAn­gle and \rAn­gle. - Add big sizes of slash and back­slash. - Add \wide­tilde, \wideu­ti­lde and \wide­breve. - Fix side bear­ings of math black­board cap­i­tals. - Fix math glyphs with neg­a­tive left side bear­ing that can clash with pre­ced­ing glyphs. - Make \vert and \Vert ex­pan­sion con­sis­tent in size with the brack­ets. - Re­move tone bar glyphs; the sup­port was not ad­e­quate for proper use. - Re­move math al­pha­bet glyphs from text fonts. - Fix glyphs in­cor­rectly cat­e­go­rized as mark glyphs. - Add Bit­coin cur­rency sym­bol. - Fix stack­ing of a-ring and macron. - Fix “ct” and “st” his­toric lig­a­tures and make them con­sis­tent across fonts. - Fix mark po­si­tion­ing over AE and OE glyphs. - Fix style of U+2100 (a/c), U+2101 (a/s), U+2015 (c/o) and U+2106 (c/u). - Fix mark po­si­tion­ing over G and g glyphs. - Make de­fault and al­ter­nate J glyphs con­sis­tent across up­right and italic fonts. - Make U+00BA MASCULINE ORDINAL INDICATOR and U+00AA FEMININE ORDINAL INDICATOR have the same base­line in serif fonts. - Po­si­tion semi­bold serif i/j dot sim­i­lar to other styles. - Re­move rudi­men­tary MATH ta­ble from reg­u­lar serif font. - Fix align­ment of U+2192, U+2198, U+2199 in the monospace font. - Make more ar­rows fixed width in the monospace font. - Make cap­i­tal ro­man num­bers in sans-serif and sans-serif italic fonts ac­tu­ally sans-serif. - Make \prod­uct in sans-serif fonts ac­tu­ally sans-serif. - The fonts can now be built with up­stream Fon­tForge, no patches needed, as well as Python 3.
The pack­age’s Cat­a­logue en­try can be viewed at https://ctan.org/pkg/lib­ert­i­nus The pack­age’s files them­selves can be in­spected at http://mir­ror.ctan.org/fonts/lib­ert­i­nus/
Thanks for the up­load. For the CTAN Team Pe­tra Rübe-Pugliese
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lib­ert­i­nus – Wrap­per to use the cor­rect lib­ert­i­nus pack­age ac­cord­ing to the used en­gine

This pack­age is only a wrap­per for the the two pack­ages lib­ert­i­nus-type1 (pdf) and lib­ert­i­nus-otf (Lua/XeLaTeX).

The Lib­ert­i­nus fonts are si­m­il­iar to Lib­er­tine and Bi­olinum, but come with math sym­bols.

Copy­right2018 Her­bert Voß
Main­tainerHer­bert Voß



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