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3 Programming Conventions

Release 2024-05-27


The files of the l3kernel bundle provide an API for programmers with defined syntax conventions, completely separating it from document level syntax. Hence, the commands provided are not intended for use at the document level nor for use in describing design layouts in document class files.

This API provides the foundation on which new additions to the kernel and other advanced extensions are built. The programming layer is designed to be loaded as part of format building or as a loaded package with plain or other formats.

The syntax and functionality provided by l3kernel is regarded by the team as stable. There may still be changes to some functions, but these will be very minor when compared to the scope of l3kernel. In particular, no functions will be removed, although some may be deprecated.


The l3kernel bundle requires the extensions and a number of additional 'utility' primitives, almost all of which were first added to pdf. In particular, the functionality equivalent to the following pdf primitives must be available

  • \ifincsname
  • \ifpdfprimitive
  • \pdfcreationdate
  • \pdfelapsedtime
  • \pdffiledump
  • \pdffilemoddate
  • \pdffilesize
  • \pdflastxpos
  • \pdflastypos
  • \pdfmdfivesum
  • \pdfnormaldeviate
  • \pdfpageheight
  • \pdfpagewidth
  • \pdfprimitive
  • \pdfrandomseed
  • \pdfresettimer
  • \pdfsavepos
  • \pdfsetrandomseed
  • \pdfshellescape
  • \pdfstrcmp
  • \pdfuniformdeviate

For ease of reference, these primitives will be referred to as the 'pdf utilities'. With the exception of \expanded, these have been present in pdf since the release of version 1.40.0 in 2007; \expanded was added for Live 2019. Similarly, the full set of these utility primitives has been available in from the 2019 Live release, and has always been available in Lua (some by Lua emulation). The Japanese p and up gained all of the above (except \ifincsname) for Live 2019 and \ifincsname for Live 2020.

Starting from release 2023-05-15, the \expanded primitive is required. Its slow emulation has been removed.

In addition to the above, engines which are fully Unicode-compatible must provide the functionality of the following primitives, documented in the Lua manual

  • \Uchar
  • \Ucharcat
  • \Umathcode

The existence of the primitive \Umathcode is used as the marker for Unicode support.


The issue tracker for 3 is currently located on GitHub.

The Project

Development of 3 is carried out by The Project.

The development team can be contacted by e-mail: <latex-team@latex-project.org>.

Copyright (C) 1998-2012,2015-2024 The LaTeX Project
All rights reserved.

Download the contents of this package in one zip archive (13.4M).

l3kernel – 3 programming conventions

The l3kernel bundle provides an implementation of the 3 programmers’ interface, as a set of packages that run under . The interface provides the foundation on which the 3 kernel and other future code are built: it is an API for programmers. The packages are set up so that the 3 conventions can be used with regular packages.

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Version 2024-05-27
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Copyright1990–2024 The Project
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