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This topic con­tains pack­ages to type­set­ting in colour.

Bidi-aware coloured con­tour around text
Colors used to dis­play amino acids, nu­cleotides, sug­ars or atoms in bio­chem­istry
Chroma: a ref­er­ence book of colours
A macro pack­age for colour ma­nip­u­la­tion (us­ing PostScript)
Colour con­trol for doc­u­ments
Sim­ple colour use in Plain
Retrieve colour model and val­ues for de­fined colours
De­fine miss­ing col­ors by their names
Sim­ple colour-se­lec­tion com­mands
Color sep­a­ra­tion
Pro­vides PDF color spaces
Shade cells of ta­bles and halign
Add colour to ta­bles
Colour fa­cil­i­ties for use with
Colours by wave­length of vis­i­ble light
Ex­tend the color pack­age colour space
Print a coloured con­tour around text
Named col­ors for web-safe de­sign
Sam­ple con­fig­u­ra­tion files for color and graph­ics
Im­ple­ments colour for pack­ages hy­per­ref and book­mark
Color sup­port based on Lua's node at­tributes
Ex­tend list of pre­de­fined colour names for
Chang­ing \nor­mal­color
In­ter­ro­gate page colour
De­fines macros for main­tain­ing colour stacks un­der pdf
Separate color stack for foot­notes with pdf
Im­prov­ing colour sup­port un­der pdf
Fix colour prob­lems in pack­age 'par­al­lel'
Fix colour prob­lems in pack­age 'par­columns'
CIE color space
Filling with colour gra­di­ents, us­ing PSTricks
PostScript macros for
pst-shell: plot­ting sea shells
So­phis­ti­cated colour gra­di­ents
Tables of RGB colour pa­ram­e­ters
Spot colours for pdf
De­fine SVG named colours
Coloured boxes, for ex­am­ples and the­o­rems, etc
Colour fa­cil­i­ties for Sli
Driver-in­de­pen­dent color ex­ten­sions for and pdf
De­fines the 256 col­ors from Google Ma­te­rial Color Palette
De­fines the 16 col­ors from Ethan Schoonover’s So­lar­ized palette
Sup­port for color in XeLaTeX
Sup­port for colour in XeLaTeX
Spot colours sup­port for XeLaTeX
Colour and graph­ics sup­port for
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