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3D Graph­ics

This topic con­tains pack­ages for graph­ics with 3-di­men­sional out­put.

macros for 3D.
Ex­ten­sion of plain for 3D graph­ics.
3D an­i­ma­tions.
Type­set a three-di­men­sional prod­uct box.
A PSTricks pack­age for tilt­ing and other pseudo-3D tricks.
Draw 3D ob­jects in par­al­lel pro­jec­tion, us­ing PSTricks.
Draw 3-di­men­sional framed boxes us­ing PSTricks.
Three di­men­sional grids with PSTricks.
Three di­men­sional light­ing ef­fects (PSTricks).
Three di­men­sional ob­jects us­ing PSTricks.
Draw per­spec­tive views us­ing PSTricks.
Pla­tonic solids in PSTricks.
Draw per­spec­tive views of 3D solids.
Draw per­spec­tive views of three di­men­sional ob­jects.
Co­or­di­nate trans­for­ma­tion styles for 3d plot­ting in TikZ.
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