CTAN Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

Change Log 1.5

Ver­sion 1.5.43 [2016-08-18]

  • Gmane mail­ing list archives seem to be down for­ever. Thus the ref­er­ences to it have been re­moved.
  • An­nounce­ments on CTAN-ann are shown on the CTAN por­tal now.
    • The cover page shows a short list of re­cent post­ings to ctan-ann.
    • A some­what longer page with an­nounce­ments is linked there.
      • There you can find a links to the Atom 1.0 feed and a RSS 2.0 feed of the newest an­nounce­ments.
      • The page /news is gone and redi­rects to this an­nounce­ments page
    • The pack­age pages have a short list of an­nounce­ments for the pack­age.
      • They are miss­ing if no an­nounce­ments have been rec­og­nized yet.
      • From the pack­age page you can nav­i­gate to a longer list of an­nounce­ments of the pack­age.
      • There you can find a link to the Atom 1.0 feed and a RSS 2.0 feed for the pack­age.
    • Auto dis­cov­ery of Atom and RSS chan­nels has been added. Un­for­tu­nately many mod­ern browsers need a plu­g­ins to make use of this.
    • Redi­rect­ing file URLs in the tex-archive to mir­ror sites.
  • Text for “Did you know” on the cover page par­tially trans­lated to Ger­man.
  • Hyphen­ation of web­mas­ter mail ad­dress dis­abled.
  • Link to sin­gle-file pack­ages redi­rected to CTAN mir­rors.

Ver­sion 1.5.42 [2016-07-26]

  • Asyn­chronous load­ing of files and di­rec­to­ries added to tex-archive browser. A spin­ner is shown in this case.
  • File browser ab­bre­vi­ates size and date. The full val­ues are shown on mouse-over.
  • Er­ror on er­ror pages fixed.

Ver­sion 1.5.41 [2016-07-17]

  • The search form presents Lucene er­rors more gen­tly.

Ver­sion 1.5.40 [2016-07-03]

  • Fight­ing spam via the mir­ror reg­is­tra­tion form.

Ver­sion 1.5.39 [2016-06-30]

  • Val­i­da­tion for the mir­ror reg­is­tra­tion fixed.
  • De­scrip­tion on the up­load page im­proved.

Ver­sion 1.5.38 [2016-06-09]

  • Order­ing the pack­ages on the au­thor page.
  • Pop-up mes­sage as new mes­sage type in­tro­duced to present one-time mes­sages to the user.

Ver­sion 1.5.37 [2016-05-02]

  • Ig­nor­ing HTML en­ti­ties in up­load im­proved.

Ver­sion 1.5.36 [2016-05-01]

  • No­ti­fi­ca­tion par­tially moved from con­fig­u­ra­tion to database to make it on­line ed­itable.
  • Upload no­ti­fi­ca­tion im­proved.

Ver­sion 1.5.35 [2016-03-12]

  • Mi­nor ex­ten­sion for date-re­lated tags.

Ver­sion 1.5.34 [2016-02-12]

  • Disal­low the same ex­ten­sions for up­loaded files on the client and the server.

Ver­sion 1.5.33 [2016-01-22]

  • Sup­press in­ac­tive mark for died au­thors.

Ver­sion 1.5.32 [2016-01-11]

  • Flag for Al­ge­ria added.
  • Warn­ing for el­sar­ti­cle up­load added.

Ver­sion 1.5.31 [2015-12-08]

  • Spe­cial treat­ment for in­dex to fix a prob­lem with the pack­age in­dex and the topic in­dex.
  • Menu bar on small de­vices im­proved.
  • Icons added to foot but­tons in generic lay­outs.

Ver­sion 1.5.30 [2015-11-15]

  • Gen­der added to au­thors.
  • Mark­ing of de­ceased au­thors pre­pared.
  • Mak­ing the menus more mo­bile friendly.

Ver­sion 1.5.29 [2015-10-19]

  • Cur­sor change added for the generic skins.
  • Re­duc­ing search to mag­ni­fier icon on small de­vices.
  • Im­prove­ments for sev­eral skins.

Ver­sion 1.5.28 [2015-10-08]

  • Upload statis­tics added to cover page.
  • Fixed: readme files have to be real files.
  • Fixed: soft hy­phens on mir­rors page.

Ver­sion 1.5.27 [2015-09-27]

  • Mark­down ren­derer grace­fully ig­nores sin­gle space be­fore item­ize or enu­mer­ate item.
  • New fav­i­cons in var­i­ous in­car­na­tions added.
  • File search added to search menu.
  • Typo on the up­load page fixed.
  • Tool tip for feed­back im­proved.
  • Head­line for README added on browser page.
  • Re­spon­sive de­sign on browser page im­proved.

Ver­sion 1.5.26 [2015-09-06]

  • Ex­pla­na­tions in up­load form im­proved.
  • Links for rsync URLs of mir­rors re­moved.

Ver­sion 1.5.25 [2015-08-23]

  • /pkg/* URLs can take the name as well as the key of the pack­age.
  • New pol­icy for readme files doc­u­mented.
  • Er­ror han­dling for mir­ror reg­is­tra­tion im­proved.

Ver­sion 1.5.24 [2015-08-01]

  • Link in rec­om­men­da­tions fixed.

Ver­sion 1.5.23 [2015-07-27]

  • Doc­u­men­ta­tion of mark­down for bold and italic text fixed.
  • Sort­ing of LUGs fixed – kind of.
  • Lithua­nian flag fixed.
  • Tool tips im­proved.
  • Re­named rec­om­men­da­tions to sug­ges­tions.
  • Miss­ing trans­la­tions on the set­tings page added.

Ver­sion 1.5.22 [2015-07-25]

  • Link to top­ics in menu fixed.

Ver­sion 1.5.21 [2015-07-18]

  • Color ver­sion of TeX col­lec­tion in­te­grated.
  • Sev­eral im­ages for pack­ages added.
  • Mi­grated to light­box 2.7.1.
  • World map of mir­rors changed to GeoChart.
  • Mislead­ing coun­try in mir­ror reg­is­tra­tion re­moved.

Ver­sion 1.5.20 [2015-06-15]

  • Upload prob­lem fixed.
  • col­lec­tion 2015 up­dated on cover.

Ver­sion 1.5.19 [2015-06-14]

  • Bread­crumb for pack­ages fixed.
  • Fixes and im­prove­ments in the ad­min­is­tra­tion in­ter­face.

Ver­sion 1.5.18 [2015-06-08]

  • Length of an­nounce­ment for up­load form raised to 8192.
  • Omit­ting multi-col­umn lay­out on au­thor page if only few pack­ages have to be shown.
  • Scheme of up­loaded files al­tered.

Ver­sion 1.5.17 [2015-04-06]

  • Clar­i­fi­ca­tion of the an­nounce­ment text on the up­load page.
  • Sub­sec­tions for coun­tries on the mir­rors page added. Re­gions iden­ti­cal to the city are sup­pressed.

Ver­sion 1.5.16 [2015-03-27]

  • Cam­bridge site is his­tory now.
  • Im­prove­ment for bro­ken links in mark­down.

Ver­sion 1.5.15 [2015-03-22]

  • Im­proved line break­ing and switch to one col­umn lay­out on up­load no­ti­fi­ca­tion page.
  • Fix for im­age links in mark­down.

Ver­sion 1.5.14 [2015-03-21]

  • Con­tact au­thor but­ton added.
  • Lay­out im­prove­ments on small de­vices added.
  • Fix for irc links in mark­down.

Ver­sion 1.5.13 [2015-03-09]

  • Feed­back but­ton added.
  • Ac­cept­ing soft hy­phen in up­load form.

Ver­sion 1.5.12 [2015-03-01]

  • Us­ing a re­duced head back­ground im­age for gray skins.
  • Word marks  Live and MiK fixed.
  • Check box po­si­tion on set­tings page fixed.
  • Es­cap­ing in guest book item fixed.
  • Back-end pro­cess­ing of up­loads and mir­ror reg­is­tra­tions im­proved.

Ver­sion 1.5.11 [2015-02-23]

  • Links on the li­censes page fixed.
  • Text on up­load page im­proved.

Ver­sion 1.5.10 [2015-02-19]

  • Tog­gling of in­den­ta­tion for share links added.
  • The fea­tured topic on the cover page ran­domly takes into con­sid­er­a­tion the pack­age last vis­ited.
  • Separate main­te­nance page added.

Ver­sion 1.5.9 [2015-02-14]

  • Upload no­ti­fi­ca­tion clar­i­fied.
  • Upload email im­proved.

Ver­sion 1.5.8 [2015-02-09]

  • Upload form val­i­da­tions for textar­eas with­drawn.

Ver­sion 1.5.7 [2015-02-08]

  • Upload form en­hanced with more client-side val­i­da­tions. Espe­cially the for­mat of the CTAN path and the use of spe­cial char­ac­ters is re­stricted.
  • Upload pro­to­col im­proved.
  • Upload com­mu­ni­ca­tion with the back-end ex­tended.

Ver­sion 1.5.6 [2015-02-06]

  • List of li­censes im­proved.
  • Upload no­ti­fi­ca­tion email im­proved.

Ver­sion 1.5.5 [2015-02-01]

  • Flags dis­play­ing the sec­tions of an ex­tended search fixed.
  • Redi­rects for an­cient URLs fixed.
  • Rel­a­tive URLs in HTML forms of HTMLi­fied README files fixed.

Ver­sion 1.5.4 [2015-01-30]

  • The sim­ple de­fault search is re­stricted to the cat­a­logue and the por­tal it­self.
  • Some links fixed.
  • Cat­a­logue im­port fixed.

Ver­sion 1.5.3 [2015-01-26]

  • Fix: mir­ror mon­i­tor page fixed.

Ver­sion 1.5.2 [2015-01-25]

  • Fix: in­dex­ing of files im­proved.

Ver­sion 1.5.1 [2015-01-22]

  • /search.html added to an­cient URLs. Not pro­posed, not liked, but work­ing.
  • Fix in guest book: avoid Ex­cep­tion

Ver­sion 1.5.0 [2015-01-21]

  • Nav­i­ga­tion but­tons ex­tended by drop-down menus. Thus more nav­i­ga­tion items are present on each page.
  • Link to share pages on so­cial me­dia plat­forms have been added. The im­pact of us­ing the Javascript li­braries have been omit­ted by us­ing a link-only in­ter­face each.
  • Search for file names en­abled.
  • Teaser im­ages for pack­ages and top­ics added. This fea­ture is ex­per­i­men­tal. Only a few im­ages are present yet. The plain skins do not show these im­ages at all.
  • HTML struc­ture and CSS im­proved to speed up the re­sponse time.
  • Up­grade to Grails 2.4.4 in­clud­ing up­grade of all plu­g­ins used.
  • Mi­grated from re­sources plu­gin to as­set pipeline (Par­tially).
  • Up­grade to Lucene 4.10.3.
  • Fix: ig­nor­ing shy in search. Thus cut and paste to search field works more smoothly.
  • Fix: Um­laut prob­lem in search fixed.
  • Fix: dis­abling the hy­phen­ation has been rewrit­ten.
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