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Change Log 2.3

Ver­sion 2.3.8 [2017-11-19]

  • High-score of pack­age au­thors added to au­thors page.
  • Quick-fix for pack­ages page.

Ver­sion 2.3.7 [2017-11-18]

  • Ar­ti­cle in au­thor name ig­nored for sort­ing
  • Fix in the JSON API for re­triev­ing the pack­ages.

Ver­sion 2.3.6 [2017-11-15]

  • Mi­nor fix in the (un­pub­lished) sub­mit API.

Ver­sion 2.3.5 [2017-11-12]

  • Upload form ex­tended with de­scrip­tion field and val­i­da­tion to en­sure a new ver­sion num­ber.
  • Sort or­der of au­thors on pack­age page mod­i­fied. The non ac­tive and de­ceased au­thors are be­low the ac­tive au­thors. The au­thors are sorted al­pha­bet­i­cally ac­cord­ing to their key.
  • Ti­tle bar of README pop-up fixed.
  • Tool tip of skin se­lec­tion on set­tings page fixed.
  • Ti­tle of skin wood fixed.
  • Skin ac­ti­va­tion im­me­di­ately reloads the page to avoid in­con­sis­tent states.

Ver­sion 2.3.4 [2017-10-08]

  • New skin wood added.
  • Search min­i­mally adapted to re­trieve more re­sults for multi-word searches.
  • Tool tip for the skin se­lec­tion fixed.
  • Lo­cal­ized the name of the cur­rently ac­tive skin.
  • Static pages par­tially mi­grated to SVG im­ages.

Ver­sion 2.3.3 [2017-09-26]

  • Fall-back for search added: If no re­sult is found then try to re­place mi­nus by a space and search again. This should make pack­ages with - in the name search­able.

Ver­sion 2.3.2 [2017-09-24]

  • hre­flang fixed to sat­isfy Google.

Ver­sion 2.3.1 [2017-09-20]

  • Prob­lem with non-ASCII char­ac­ters in search fixed.

Ver­sion 2.3.0 [2017-09-17]

  • Pre­fix search added as op­tion: * is ap­pended to the search term au­to­mat­i­cally. This has been made the de­fault.
  • The search page has been re­worked to show the re­sults more ad­e­quately. The type of the hit is (usu­ally) in­di­cated by an icon. The URL of the hit is not shown in text form any more.
  • Search for users for logged-in users added.
  • Guest book en­tries re­moved from por­tal in­dex.
  • Word­ing on the up­load page ad­justed slightly.
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