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Change Log 2.4

Ver­sion 2.4.13 [2018-01-20]

  • An­i­ma­tion added to rat­ing sum­mary di­a­gram.
  • Sitemap deep in­den­ta­tion fixed.
  • In­ter­nal server er­ror on some archive fixed.

Ver­sion 2.4.12 [2018-01-13]

  • Prob­lem in JSON API fixed.

Ver­sion 2.4.11 [2018-01-07]

  • Sort­ing of copy­right on pack­age page im­proved.

Ver­sion 2.4.10 [2018-01-06]

  • Cred­its page ex­tended.

Ver­sion 2.4.9 [2018-01-05]

  • Cred­its page added to menu.
  • Up­grade to fontawe­some 4.7.0.

Ver­sion 2.4.8 [2018-01-04]

  • Upload re­port made in­vis­i­ble ex­ter­nally.
  • Val­i­da­tion but­ton with­drawn.

Ver­sion 2.4.7 [2018-01-03]

  • Search mod­i­fied to im­prove the or­der­ing of re­sults.
  • Clear but­ton added to up­load form.
  • Upload mes­sages im­proved.
  • Trans­lated top­ics la­bels added to pack­age de­scrip­tions.

Ver­sion 2.4.6 [2017-12-30]

  • Er­ror mode for up­loads fixed.

Ver­sion 2.4.5 [2017-12-29]

  • Tem­porar­ily de­grad­ing the up­load er­rors to warn­ings.
  • Upload mail im­proved.
  • Upload val­i­da­tion: File name start­ing with a non-let­ter is de­graded to a warn­ing.

Ver­sion 2.4.4 [2017-12-27]

  • Nasty bug in the up­load val­ida­tor fixed.

Ver­sion 2.4.3 [2017-12-27]

  • TDS val­i­da­tion in up­load fixed: di­rec­to­ries are no longer re­ported as er­rors.
  • Upload form pre­serves an­nounce­ment text and notes when val­i­da­tion fails.
  • Upload con­fir­ma­tion shows up­load re­port.
  • Upload con­fir­ma­tion trans­lated to Ger­man.
  • Sub­mit ser­vice in ver­sion 1.1 is the de­fault now.
  • The sub­mit ser­vice has a method version to re­trieve the ver­sion num­ber cur­rently ad­dressed.
  • Dis­play prob­lem on up­load page fixed.

Ver­sion 2.4.2 [2017-12-24]

  • Ty­pos fixed.
  • In­ter­nal er­rors fixed.

Ver­sion 2.4.1 [2017-12-20]

  • Upload for ar­bi­trary com­bi­na­tions on val­i­date and sub­mit fixed.
  • Ex­pla­na­tion on up­load page fixed.

Ver­sion 2.4.0 [2017-12-20]

  • New up­load form ac­ti­vated. The up­load form now con­tains more val­i­da­tions – both in the front end and in the back end. Thus up­load­ers get im­me­di­ate feed­back on the up­loaded pack­age.
  • The sub­mit API is now of­fi­cially doc­u­mented and sup­ported.
  • Con­tact but­tons added to bot­tom of page's con­tent area.
  • Mark­down sup­port for long URL texts im­proved.
  • Ger­man for­mu­la­tion con­se­quently uses the in­for­mal ("Du") form.
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