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Change Log 1.6

Ver­sion 1.6.13 [2016-12-04]

  • Link for Readme doc­u­men­ta­tion fixed.
  • Help slightly im­proved.

Ver­sion 1.6.12 [2016-11-27]

  • Ac­cess to au­thors' page fixed.

Ver­sion 1.6.11 [2016-11-23]

  • Val­i­da­tion re­moved from the up­load page to get rid of a prob­lem.
  • RSS icon for an­nounce­ments added for some skins.
  • Ty­pos in the help fixed.

Ver­sion 1.6.10 [2016-11-21]

  • Read-me files ig­nored from the cat­a­logue im­port. They are taken from the tex-archive di­rectly.
  • Read-me files are ren­dered in a pop-up di­a­log.
  • Check in the up­load form added check­ing for spe­cial char­ac­ters in file names.
  • Icons used for item­ize items on cover page in some skins.
  • AMS lo­gos dis­abled due to the cur­rent prac­tice of AMS.
  • Restyling on the ad­min pages.
  • Re­set but­ton added to the mark­down tester.
  • Mir­mon icons are di­rectly in­cluded to avoid se­cu­rity warn­ing.

Ver­sion 1.6.9 [2016-10-16]

  • Ban­ner with ran­dom pack­age teasers on the pack­age page en­abled.
  • New FAQ about mir­ror servers added.
  • Lo­gos pro­tected from line break­ing.
  • AMS lo­gos added: and .
  • Multi-col­umn pre­sen­ta­tion for top­ics and pack­age lists dis­abled if there are only few en­tries.

Ver­sion 1.6.8 [2016-09-25]

  • FAQs for pack­age own­er­ship added.
  • Ger­man trans­la­tions for mark­down added.
  • Rewrit­ten lo­gos for and XeLaTeX to ob­tain search­a­bil­ity and cut&paste.
  • Zoom ef­fect added to top­ics cloud.

Ver­sion 1.6.7 [2016-09-19]

  • Pack­age an­nounce­ment spec­trum added.
  • Kern­ing in and im­proved.

Ver­sion 1.6.6 [2016-09-14]

  • Server er­ror on mir­mon page fixed.
  • Dou­ble char­ac­ter af­ter link in mark­down ren­derer fixed.

Ver­sion 1.6.5 [2016-09-11]

  • Icons added to the menus.
  • FAQ on teaser im­ages added.
  • Ex­ter­nal links to live and Mik re­placed by in­ter­nal links to the re­spec­tive pack­ages.
  • Mark­down tester aug­mented by a HTML view.
  • Flag of the Philip­pines added.

Ver­sion 1.6.4 [2016-09-01]

  • Help for mark­down added to FAQ.
  • Mark­down ren­derer fixed.

Ver­sion 1.6.3 [2016-08-31]

  • De­fined ref­er­ences in mark­down ren­derer fixed.
  • CDN link for font-awe­some elim­i­nated. The files are pro­vided by CTAN. This also avoids a se­cu­rity warn­ing caused by dif­fer­ent pro­to­cols.
  • Browser com­pat­i­bil­ity ta­ble aug­mented by icons.

Ver­sion 1.6.2 [2016-08-28]

  • Post­ing links sur­rounded by a div to force sin­gle lines.
  • Up­grade to fontawe­some-4.6.3. So­cial me­dia icons re­placed by char­ac­ters from fontawe­some.
  • Logi­fy­ing the an­nounce­ment texts added.
  • Mi­nor tun­ing of some themes.

Ver­sion 1.6.1 [2016-08-20]

  • Links in feeds fixed.
  • Ver­sion 1.5.43 re­la­beled to 1.6.0.

Ver­sion 1.6.0 [2016-08-18]

  • Gmane mail­ing list archives seem to be down for­ever. Thus the ref­er­ences to it have been re­moved.
  • An­nounce­ments on CTAN-ann are shown on the CTAN por­tal now.
    • The cover page shows a short list of re­cent post­ings to ctan-ann.
    • A some­what longer page with an­nounce­ments is linked there.
      • There you can find a links to the Atom 1.0 feed and a RSS 2.0 feed of the newest an­nounce­ments.
      • The page /news is gone and redi­rects to this an­nounce­ments page
    • The pack­age pages have a short list of an­nounce­ments for the pack­age.
      • They are miss­ing if no an­nounce­ments have been rec­og­nized yet.
      • From the pack­age page you can nav­i­gate to a longer list of an­nounce­ments of the pack­age.
      • There you can find a link to the Atom 1.0 feed and a RSS 2.0 feed for the pack­age.
    • Auto dis­cov­ery of Atom and RSS chan­nels has been added. Un­for­tu­nately many mod­ern browsers need a plu­g­ins to make use of this.
    • Redi­rect­ing file URLs in the tex-archive to mir­ror sites.
  • Text for “Did you know” on the cover page par­tially trans­lated to Ger­man.
  • Hyphen­ation of web­mas­ter mail ad­dress dis­abled.
  • Link to sin­gle-file pack­ages redi­rected to CTAN mir­rors.
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