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Which teaser im­ages for pack­ages or top­ics are used?

The CTAN por­tal may show teaser im­ages for pack­ages and top­ics at some places. The ac­tual ren­der­ing de­pends on the skin cho­sen and the width of the browser win­dow. Sim­ple skins tend to sup­press im­ages. Even if the skin likes to show an im­age it may de­cide that there is not enough screen space to do so.

Graph­ics For­mat

The im­ages must use the PNG graph­ics file for­mat. For the time be­ing any other for­mat will not be rec­og­nized.


The teaser im­ages for pack­ages and top­ics are stan­dard­ized. This al­lows the skins to know in ad­vance how much space is re­quired. The pri­mary size of the teaser im­age is 600×200 pix­els. A sec­ondary im­age with the same con­tents and the res­o­lu­tion of 1200×400 pix­els must ac­com­pany the pri­mary one.

The ac­tual size used dur­ing the ren­der­ing in the browser is de­ter­mined by the browser. The im­age may be scaled to other sizes from the pri­mary or sec­ondary im­age.

Nam­ing Con­ven­tions

The name of the pri­mary teaser im­age is de­rived from the name of the pack­age or topic it re­lates to. This base name is com­pleted with the ex­ten­sion for the graph­ics for­mat (.png). The name of the sec­ondary im­age is made up the same way by aug­ment­ing the base name with -large.png.

Note that the re­la­tion solemnly re­lies on this nam­ing con­ven­tion. The dis­tinc­tion be­tween pack­ages and top­ics ap­pears by plac­ing them in dif­fer­ent di­rec­to­ries.

Stor­ing and Sub­mis­sion

The teaser im­ages are stored within the por­tal. Thus they have to be de­ployed to the proper place there. In case you want to sub­mit a teaser im­age for a pack­age or topic please con­sult the .


The teaser im­ages are sup­posed to dis­tributed un­der the li­cense CC-0 – i.e. pub­lic do­main. A con­fir­ma­tion is re­quired that the sub­mit­ted im­ages are dis­tributed un­der this li­cense (in the mail).


When you pre­pare a teaser im­age keep in mind sev­eral as­pects.

  • The im­ages should work with dif­fer­ent skins. Thus de­sign the im­age to work with any kind of col­ored or struc­tured back­ground.
  • The im­age can be par­tially trans­par­ent. Maybe it is a good idea to sur­round such con­tent with a corona to sep­a­rate it against the back­ground in any case.
  • Use col­ors care­fully. The teaser im­age may not look good if too many un­re­lated col­ors are used.
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