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This topic con­tains pack­ages for cre­at­ing boxes.

Alert mes­sages for .
Boxes and pic­ture macros with Ja­panese ver­ti­cal writ­ing sup­port.
Draw ad­mo­ni­tion blocks in your doc­u­ments, il­lus­trated with Fon­tAwe­some icons.
Creat­ing colour­ful boxes with lo­gos.
Boxes that may break across pages.
A pack­age for pro­duc­ing framed mini­pages.
Framed mini­pages of a spec­i­fied to­tal width (text and frame com­bined).
Draw a box around a text.
An en­vi­ron­ment for box­ing things.
Col­lect and pro­cess macro ar­gu­ments as boxes.
Boxes with crossed cor­ners.
Draw dashed boxes.
Ex­ten­sion of \fbox, with con­trol­lable frames and colours.
Create equal-widthed par­boxes.
Vari­ants of \fbox and other games with boxes.
Ex­tended \fbox macro from stan­dard .
Fit graph­ics on a page.
Framed boxes for Plain .
Framed or shaded re­gions that can break across pages.
Gen­er­al­iza­tion of 's mini­pages.
Type­set ghab boxes in .
Read an ar­gu­ment into a box and ex­e­cute the code af­ter­wards.
Insert a graph­i­cal im­age as a back­ground.
Draw framed boxes with stan­dard CSS at­tributes that can break over mul­ti­ple pages.
Round-cor­nered framed boxes.
macros for uti­liz­ing the roundrect rou­tines.
De­fines a \make­box* com­mand.
Framed en­vi­ron­ments that can split at page bound­aries.
A sim­ple type of box for .
Mini­pages with marginal notes.
Mul­ti­ple boxes and frames for the pic­ture en­vi­ron­ment.
Elab­o­rate box com­mands.
Col­lect hor­i­zon­tal ma­te­rial for con­tribut­ing to a para­graph.
Round-cor­nered framed boxes.
Boxes with frames whose cor­ners are rounded.
Two ex­tra align­ment op­tions for \par­box.
A vari­able-width \par­box com­mand.
Draw 3-di­men­sional framed boxes us­ing PSTricks.
Vari­ants of com­mon box-com­mands that read their con­tent as real box and not as macro ar­gu­ment.
Round boxes in .
macros for highly con­fig­urable rounded rect­an­gles (op­tion­ally with text).
Set hbox in outer hor­i­zon­tal mode.
As­sign­ing di­men­sions of a box to a length reg­is­ter.
Shade the back­ground of any box.
Shade boxes us­ing PostScript spe­cials.
Box two chunks of text side-by side.
Save a tab­bing en­vi­ron­ment in a box.
Coloured boxes, for ex­am­ples and the­o­rems, etc.
Type­set tram boxes in .
A vari­able-width mini­page.
De­posit ver­ba­tim text in a box.
Rich boxed ma­te­rial for 3.
Save­boxes for re­peat­ing con­tent with­out code repli­ca­tion, based on PDF Form XOb­jects.
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