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type­set­ting mu­sic and re­lated stuff

Sup­port ABC mu­sic no­ta­tion in
No­tate tunes stored in ABC no­ta­tion
A Pre­pro­ces­sor that gen­er­ates note-spac­ing com­mands for MusiX scores
Sup­port for type­set­ting bag­pipe mu­sic
A Bib style for ci­ta­tions in musuos.cls
Fa­cil­i­tates writ­ing byzan­tine­mu­sic
Li­ly­pond code in Cont
Gen­er­ate call­ing cards for dances
Mini-fonts for fig­ured-bass no­ta­tion in mu­sic
Type­set gui­tar chords
en­grav­ing Gre­go­rian Chant scores
Add chords to lyrics
Guitar chords and song texts
Guitar Chord and Scale Tab­la­tures
Type­set har­mony sym­bols, etc., for mu­si­col­ogy
Type­set­ting lead­sheets and song­books
Ac­cess lily­pond frag­ments and glyphs, in
The pi­o­neer­ing mu­sic-in- macros
A pre­pro­ces­sor for pmx
Type­set­ting mu­sic with
Easy no­ta­tion for gui­tar mu­sic, in Musix
So­phis­ti­cated mu­sic type­set­ting
Multi-pass mu­sic type­set­ting
A MusiX ex­ten­sion li­brary that en­ables trans­for­ma­tions of the ef­fect of notes com­mands
Type­set pa­pers for the de­part­ment of mu­sic, Osnabrück
Type­set a ba­sic 2-oc­tave pi­ano di­a­gram
Pre­pro­ces­sor for Mu­sic
Pre­pro­ces­sor for MusiX
Pro­duce chord in­for­ma­tion to go with pmx out­put
Shaped notes for Mu­sic
Pack­age for type­set­ting song lyrics and chord books
Pro­duce song books for church or fel­low­ship
Type­set gui­tar-chord di­a­grams
Mu­sic type­set­ting sys­tem us­ing and
An ex­ten­sion of the pi­ano pack­age
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