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This topic contains packages to typeset diagrams.

Augmenting directed graphs.
Create abstract argumentation frameworks via TikZ.
Create bond graph figures in documents.
Draws bond graphs in , using PGF/TikZ.
Draw braid diagrams with PGF/TikZ.
Carbohydrate molecules with chemfig.
Arrows for chemists.
Arrows for use in chemistry.
Draw molecules with easy syntax.
Macros for typing chemical symbols.
Structural chemistry.
Drawing time-line diagrams.
CoDi: Commutative Diagrams for .
GANTT module for Cont.
Dodecaphonic diagrams: twelve-tone matrices, clock diagrams, etc.
An easy way to create Decision Model and Notation decision tables.
Writing "configurations".
Use ditaa diagrams within documents.
Drawing package for circuit and duotensor diagrams.
Draw Dynkin, Coxeter, and Satake diagrams using TikZ.
Draw existential graphs invented by Charles S. Peirce.
Formulas and graphs for the EO programming language.
Diagrams consisting of boxes, lines, and annotations.
Draw family trees.
Easy generation of FAST diagrams.
Draw Grafcet/SFC with TikZ.
Produce knitting charts, in Plain or .
Create knitting patterns.
Draw Hasse diagrams.
Generate logarithmic graph paper with .
Draw diagrams to represent communication protocols.
Timelines for use with moderncv.
Drawing molecular orbital diagrams.
Graph-drawing for neural networks.
Draw neural networks.
Draw Gantt charts with TikZ.
Draw graphs typically found in molecular biology texts.
Create images of the soroban using TikZ/PGF.
Draw elements of the diagram monoids.
Simulation of modulation and demodulation.
Support for drawing ER diagrams.
Draw GANTT charts with PSTricks.
Drawing optics diagrams.
Plot pulleys, using PSTricks.
Draw a Soroban using PSTricks.
Syntax specification in EBNF.
Package to display recorder fingering diagrams.
Draw Reo Channels and Circuits.
Draw Real-Time scheduling (GANTT) charts.
Draw Sankey diagrams with TikZ.
Print topical diagrams.
Draw signal flow graphs.
Simple nodes in four colors written in TikZ for .
Generate diagrams from lists.
Create string diagrams with and TikZ.
A tool for generating syntax diagrams from BNF.
Creation of syntax diagrams.
Create “railroad” syntax diagrams.
Typeset syntax descriptions.
Draw ladder diagrams using TikZ.
Spherical mirrors and lenses in TikZ.
Create diagrams for neural networks constructed with the methods of the Neural Engineering Framework (NEF).
Draw networks with TikZ.
Typeset OPM diagrams.
Atomic and molecular orbitals using TikZ.
TikZ library for typesetting electrical diagrams .
Symbols collection for typesetting Sequential Function Chart (SFC) diagrams (PLC programs).
A TikZ library for creating track diagrams in railways.
Create Object-Role Model (ORM) diagrams.
Drawing TQFT diagrams with TikZ/PGF.
Typesetting chemical structures.
Flexible diagramming macros.
A library to typeset ZX Calculus diagrams.
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