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This topic con­tains pack­ages to lay­out of ob­jects on the page.

Estab­lish a page lay­out for an on-screen (PDF) doc­u­ment.
Ad­just­ing mar­gins for mul­ti­col­umn and sin­gle col­umn out­put.
Aids for print­ing sim­ple book­lets.
A macro for cen­ter­ing lines.
lay­out in­spired by harv­mac.
Prints ‘con­tin­u­a­tion’ marks on pages of mul­ti­page doc­u­ments.
Mix­ing onecol­umn and twocol­umn modes.
Re­place fig­ures with a white box and ad­di­tional fea­tures.
Make empty pages re­ally empty.
Use fig as lay­out de­signer for .
Print the first line of a para­graph in a dif­fer­ent font.
Create text frames for posters, brochures or mag­a­zines.
Mini­page span­ning a com­plete page.
Gen­er­al­iza­tion of 's mini­pages.
Page or­gan­i­sa­tion, mod­elled on CSS fa­cil­i­ties.
En­vi­ron­ments for hang­ing para­graphs and list items.
Hang­ing para­graphs.
Hard wrap text to a cer­tain char­ac­ter length.
Ex­per­i­men­tal 3 con­cepts.
Set up for type­set­ting in land­scape.
Cal­cu­late set­tings for any font and pa­per size.
A pack­age to im­prove the A4 page lay­out.
De­fine lead­ing with a length.
Create small hand­outs (fly­ers).
A "di­men" that re­turns the space left on the line.
Place se­lected parts of a doc­u­ment in land­scape.
A wrap­per for us­ing the trun­cate pack­age with Lua.
Magazine lay­out.
En­vi­ron­ment for ver­ti­cal cen­tring.
Mod­ify skips be­tween para­graphs.
Insert page­break if not enough space.
Avoid wid­ows.
Page num­ber-only page styles.
Lay­out with zero \parindent, non-zero \parskip.
Make land­scape pages dis­play as land­scape.
Ab­so­lute con­tent po­si­tion­ing.
Con­trol float place­ment.
Inser­tions that keep their place.
Sim­ple por­trait/land­scape switch­ing.
Po­si­tion things at ab­so­lute po­si­tions on the page.
Put ob­jects at an ab­so­lute po­si­tion.
Page lay­out macros based on PSTricks pack­ages.
Generic ragged left and ragged right op­tions.
Al­ter­na­tive ver­sions of “ragged”-type com­mands.
Set an en­tire doc­u­ment raggedright.
Type­set sets of pages up­side-down and back­wards.
Op­ti­mise the use of each page of a doc­u­ment.
Put only spe­cial con­tents on left-hand pages in two sided lay­out.
Draw a page-lay­out di­a­gram.
Makes ap­pear­ance of stan­dard styles more "sober".
Deal­ing with some spac­ing is­sues.
"Tab" to a mea­sured po­si­tion in the line.
“Tab” to a mea­sured po­si­tion in the line.
Place boxes at ar­bi­trary po­si­tions on the page.
Trun­cate text to a spec­i­fied width.
Pro­vide "turn page" in­struc­tions.
Macros to print two-up.
Num­ber­ing text.
As­sist in re­duc­ing doc­u­ment page counts.
Iden­tify (ty­po­graphic) wid­ows and or­phans.
Sim­u­lat­ing word pro­ces­sor lay­out.
Con­trol text feed­ing onto the page.
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