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Graph­i­cal fron­tend to BibTool.
Macros to gen­er­ate quan­tum ciruits.
A class for mak­ing mul­ti­ple choice ques­tion­naires.
Quick and dirty vir­tual font cre­ation.
Pro­duce an "end-of-proof" mark.
DOS graph­ics pro­gram.
PostScript (Adobe Type 1) fonts in QX lay­out.
Com­mands for bras and kets and the like.
VMS tools for con­trol­ling QMS print­ers.
macros for type­set­ting trees.
Gen­er­ate QR codes in .
Create QR codes us­ing stamps.
Syn­tax high­light­ing for the Q# lan­guage.
Bun­dle for unit tests and pat­tern match­ing.
Maths sym­bol ab­bre­vi­a­tions.
Draw tree struc­tures.
Draw quan­tum cir­cuit di­a­grams.
Doc­u­ment class for sub­mis­sions to the Quan­tum jour­nal.
sup­port for Qu­at­tro­cento and Qu­at­tro­cento Sans fonts.
pack­age for quick type­set­ting.
Type­set an at­tributed quo­ta­tion.
Dec­o­ra­tive chap­ter head­ings.
Match pairs of dou­ble-quote char­ac­ters.
Smart dou­ble quotes in in­put.
Con­sol­i­dated en­vi­ron­ment for dis­played text.
Con­sis­tent quote marks.
An easy way to type­set any part of The Holy Qu­ran.
Ger­man trans­la­tions to the quran pack­age.
Urdu trans­la­tions to the quran pack­age.
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