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Fonts de­signed by Fra Luca de Pa­ci­oli in 1497
a high-qual­ity TrueType font that sup­ports the many di­verse lan­guages that use the Myan­mar script
In­ter­ro­gate page colour
Page num­ber­ing that con­tin­ues be­tween doc­u­ments
Draw­ing pro­gram with EPS out­put
Foot­note num­ber­ing per page
Page frames, grids, etc., for 2.09
Print page grid in back­ground
Page num­ber-only page styles
Notes at end of doc­u­ment
Flex­i­ble and con­fig­urable page range type­set­ting
La­bels and ref­er­ences in Plain
Select pages of a doc­u­ment for out­put
Vari­ants of last page la­bels
Select Adobe Palatino as de­fault text font
A Tamil font for Mac­in­tosh users
The Pan­dora font fam­ily
sup­port for the Pan­dora fonts
The Pan­dora font fam­ily
Ver­sions of ar­ti­cle class, tuned for schol­arly pub­li­ca­tions
Origami-style fold­ing pa­per CD case
Com­pute the mass of a printed ver­sion of a doc­u­ment
Class for news­pa­pers, etc
Mul­ti­ple columns with texts "in par­al­lel"
Tab­u­la­tors and space be­tween para­graphs in gal­ley ap­proach
Para­graph "tricks" macros
Enu­mer­ate and item­ize within para­graphs
Type­set par­al­lel texts
sup­port for free fonts by ParaType
Two ex­tra align­ment op­tions for \par­box
Mul­ti­ple col­umn par­al­lel type­set­ting
De­fine sim­ple macros for greek let­ters
Parisa fam­ily of fonts
Notes af­ter ev­ery para­graph (or else­where)
Type­sets (two) streams of text run­ning par­al­lel
Ap­ply a macro to each line of an en­vi­ron­ment
A lo­cal­ized Per­sian and bidi­rec­tional ex­ten­sion of
Lay­out with zero \parindent, non-zero \parskip
Macros use­ful in prepar­ing teach­ing ma­te­rial
Creat­ing cross­word grids, us­ing TikZ
Flex­i­ble type­set­ting of Cur­ric­ula Vi­tae
Create a spread­sheet lay­out
Sup­port pack­age for XML/SGML type­set­ting
Patch loaded pack­ages, etc
Change the def­i­ni­tion of an ex­ist­ing com­mand
Gen­er­ate hy­phen­ation pat­terns
A tu­to­rial on the use of Pat­gen 2
Type­set paths, mak­ing them break­able
Ger­man pack­age doc­u­men­ta­tion
Us­ing graph­ics from PAW
Ex­tract and rein­sert PDF an­no­ta­tions with pdf
A com­mu­ta­tive di­a­gram pack­age us­ing LAMS or Xy-pic fonts
Bi­b­li­og­ra­phy styles and mis­cel­la­neous files for pBibTeX
Trans­late PBM for­mat to
Con­vert PBM im­ages to GF font files
Con­ver­sion be­tween PBM and PK for­mats
A vari­able-width \par­box com­mand
Prob­lem sheet class
Sup­port for Adobe Caslon Open Face
He­brew fonts for use on DOS PCs
Font sup­port for cur­rent PCL print­ers
A Toolkit for Creat­ing Jan­i­form Data Doc­u­ments
Damian Cu­g­ley's doc­u­ment tools
Tu­to­rial on cre­at­ing PDF forms us­ing pdf
PDF graph­ics sup­port bun­dle
A set of macros for var­i­ous trans­for­ma­tions of boxes
Re­store PDF 1.4 to a live 2010 for­mat
Rear­range pages of a PDF file for book­let print­ing
Create book­lets from PDF files
De­fines macros for main­tain­ing colour stacks un­der pdf
Separate color stack for foot­notes with pdf
Im­prov­ing colour sup­port un­der pdf
Fix colour prob­lems in pack­age 'par­al­lel'
Fix colour prob­lems in pack­age 'par­columns'
A user-friendly in­ter­face to pdf an­no­ta­tions
Ac­ti­vat­ing and set­ting of char­ac­ter pro­trud­ing us­ing pdf
Crop PDF graph­ics
Al­lows the set­ting of pdf en­cryp­tion
Im­ple­ments pdf's es­cape fea­tures us­ing or e-
Shell scripts in­ter­fac­ing to pdf­pages
Sup­port soft­ware for down­scal­ing graph­ics to be in­cluded by pdf
Make land­scape pages dis­play as land­scape
Gen­er­ate margin­par-equiv­a­lent PDF an­no­ta­tions
Find dif­fer­ence be­tween two PDF's
In­clude PDF doc­u­ments in
A pack­age to re­move or sup­press pdf meta-data
Use ps­frag with pdf
Con­trol ren­der­ing pa­ram­e­ters
An­no­tate PDF files with mar­gin notes
Sup­port screen-based doc­u­ment de­sign
Pre­sen­ta­tion slides us­ing pdf
Pro­vide links be­tween source and PDF
A ex­ten­sion for di­rect cre­ation of PDF
Colour and Graph­ics sup­port for pdf
pdf de­signed to run with Oz
Lua sup­port for pdf util­ity func­tions
Sup­port for PSTricks in pdf
Use PSTricks in pdf
PDF/X and PDF/A sup­port for pdf
Create n-up PDF pages with min­i­mal mar­gins
Print Ti­betan text in the clas­sic pecha lay­out style
Gen­er­ate pedi­gree files from CSV files
BibTeX style for the jour­nal Per­cep­tion
De­lim­iters whose size ad­justs to the nest­ing
De­fine macros in terms of Perl code
Sup­port for sym­met­ric groups
Make a counter re­set at ev­ery page bound­ary
Per­sian trans­la­tions of clas­sic BibTeX styles
A class for small ad­ver­tise­ments
A set / pack­ages for draw­ing Petri nets
AFM gen­er­a­tor for Adobe Type 1 fonts
sup­port of pas­tors’ and priests’ work
Con­vert PFM files to AFM, and vice versa
Num­ber foot­notes per page
Create PostScript and PDF graph­ics in
PGF/TikZ pack­age for "blurred" shad­ows
Draw pie charts, us­ing PGF
Create im­ages of the soroban us­ing TikZ/PGF
Draw con­tin­u­ous or dis­crete spec­tra us­ing PGF/TikZ
Some macros for UML Class Di­a­grams
Draw UML Se­quence Di­a­grams
Draw Gantt charts with TikZ
Key value con­trol for PGF
Ex­tended and more ro­bust ver­sion of pgfkeys
Draw graphs typ­i­cally found in molec­u­lar bi­ol­ogy texts
pack­age op­tions with pgfkeys
Draw­ing of Vec­to­rian or­na­ments with PGF/TikZ
Create nor­mal/log­a­rith­mic plots in two and three di­men­sions
Loads, rounds, for­mats and post­pro­cesses nu­mer­i­cal ta­bles
Fonts based on the Gothic Tex­tura Prescisus manuscript book-hand
Disk of Phais­tos font
Fig­ures which fill up a whole page
Ba­sic for­mat­ting for short doc­u­ments
Par­en­thetic math ex­pres­sions made sim­pler and less re­dun­dant
Macros for type­set­ting Quan­tum In­for­ma­tion The­ory
Quote ver­ba­tim text with­out white space for­mat­ting
Water­marks with ver­sion con­trol in­for­ma­tion from SVN
Good­ies for the­o­rems and proofs
Cross ref­er­ences for named and num­bered en­vi­ron­ments
A font to type­set the Philokalia Books
Type­set­ting ar­ti­cles for "Philoso­phers' Im­print"
Fonts for the Phoeni­cian script in use from about 1600 BC
For­mat tele­phone num­ber lists
Type­set­ting tele­phone num­bers with
Pho­netic fonts, based on Com­puter Modern
Type­set lin­ear phono­log­i­cal rules
A float en­vi­ron­ment for pho­tographs
A col­lec­tion of BibTeX styles for physics jour­nals
The PHYSE for­mat
Macros sup­port­ing the Math­e­mat­ics of Physics
As­sorted macros for Physi­cists
A for­mat for physi­cists
Cal­cu­late pi
Type­set a ba­sic 2-oc­tave pi­ano di­a­gram
Insert pic­tures into para­graphs
Insert pic­tures into para­graphs
A pic­ture mode in Plain
New im­ple­men­ta­tion of pic­ture com­mands
Pic­ture draw­ing macros for and
Au­to­matic com­pu­ta­tion of bound­ing boxes with PiCTeX
Adds rel­a­tive co­or­di­nates and im­proves the \plot com­mand
A sum­mary of PiCTeX com­mands
A patched ver­sion of PiCTeX us­ing fewer reg­is­ters
Di­mens for pic­ture macros
Sim­ple pie-charts with PSTricks
Draw pie-charts us­ing
Macro tools by Mike Piff
Early macros for us­ing AMS fonts
Ac­cess to PostScript stan­dard Sym­bol and Ding­bats fonts
A font for the pig­pen (or ma­sonic) ci­pher
A la­belling pack­age
Doc­u­men­ta­tion macros
Elec­tronic Th­e­ses and Dis­ser­ta­tions at Pitt
Doc­u­ment class for Univer­sity of Pitts­burgh the­ses
A pack­age to draw pixel-art pic­tures
Derive glyph bound­ing boxes by build­ing PK file
A 'find' com­mand which un­der­stands pk files
Re­place pk fonts in PostScript with Type 1 fonts
Make PostScript files ac­ces­si­ble to pk­fix
Manag­ing the op­tions and load­ing or­der of other pack­ages
tem­plate for dis­ser­ta­tions in Pek­ing Univer­sity
Lit­er­ate Pro­gram­ming for Prolog with
Pol­ish ex­ten­sion of Com­puter Modern fonts
Ab­so­lute con­tent po­si­tion­ing
Con­trol float place­ment
Inser­tions that keep their place
The Plain for­mat
Vari­able sized fonts in Plain
Make plain files able
Mis­cel­la­neous con­tributed macros for plain
A min­i­mal method for mak­ing generic pack­ages
Plain bib­li­og­ra­phy style, sorted by year first
Write la­bels for plants
Type­set­ting stage­play scripts
Ar­range for "plates" sec­tions of doc­u­ments
p and mis­cel­la­neous macros for p
p stan­dard tools bun­dle
A cheat sheet, in Ja­panese
Type­set drama us­ing
Play­fair Dis­play fonts with sup­port
Plain macros for mak­ing nice cal­en­dars
Sup­port for IBM Plex fonts
Sup­port for the OpenType font IBM Plex
Pol­ish ex­ten­sion to Com­puter Modern fonts
Hyphen­ation for Pol­ish
'Lorem ip­sum' for Plain de­vel­op­ers
Font se­lec­tion for Plain
Pol­ish ex­ten­sion of CM fonts in Type 1 for­mat
St. Mary’s Road font sup­port for plain
Poor man ISO math for pdf users
Type­set par­ti­tioned ma­tri­ces
Poor man's box draw­ing char­ac­ters
in em IDE/Fron­tEnd for EPM
Ex­am­ples from "Praca mag­is­ter­ska i dy­plo­mowa"
"Poor man's" graph­ics
Pre­pro­ces­sor for Mu­sic
Pre­pro­ces­sor for MusiX
Pro­duce chord in­for­ma­tion to go with pmx out­put
BibTeX style for PNAS (old ver­sion)
BibTeX style for PNAS (newer ver­sion)
PNG to PDF con­verter
Type­set­ting Crit­i­cal Edi­tions of Poetry
Sup­port for Adobe Poet­ica fonts in Type 1 for­mat
Fa­cil­i­ties for type­set­ting po­etry and po­et­i­cal struc­ture
Type­set an­tholo­gies of po­etry
12" Ruler con­tain­ing Points and Inches
A macro pack­age for pre­press
Type­set Pol­ish doc­u­ments with and Pol­ish fonts
An­tykwa Półtawskiego Fam­ily of Fonts
An al­ter­na­tive to ba­bel for XeLaTeX and Lua
Macros for ma­nip­u­lat­ing poly­no­mi­als
Type­set (uni­vari­ate) poly­no­mi­als
Tab­u­lar-like en­vi­ron­ments with named columns
Raster Chi­nese and Ja­panese fonts
Create popup menus in PDF files
In­struc­tions for set­ting up Mik on a portable de­vice
Sim­ple por­trait/land­scape switch­ing
Po­si­tion things at ab­so­lute po­si­tions on the page
Fa­cil­i­tates mass-mail­ing of post­cards (junkmail)
Scale PostScript im­ages for larger me­dia or tiling
Make posters and ban­ners with
A pre­sen­ta­tion class
Pow­er­dot, us­ing the style of FU Ber­lin
Type­set chem­i­cal for­mula di­a­grams
Gen­er­ate VMS help files from 2.09 source
A post­pro­ces­sor for PDF pre­sen­ta­tions
Pros­per pre­view
Type­set ar­ti­cles for Prac
Ex­am­ple files for “Prac­ti­cal
Mark pre­lim­i­nary copies with a line of in­for­ma­tion
Al­lows the mark­ing of pre­lim­i­nary ver­sions of a doc­u­ment
Preprint macros
A bun­dle of pack­ages pro­vided "as is"
In­ter­ac­tive ed­i­tor and macro sup­port for pre­req­ui­site charts
Pre­sen­ta­tions with Plain
Ex­am­ples from the book Pre­sen­ta­tio­nen mit
Ex­am­ples from the book Pre­sen­ta­tions with
A class for type­set­ting press re­leases
Make la­bel ref­er­ences "self-iden­tify"
Ex­tract bits of a source for out­put
Pre­view equa­tions in Emacs
Macros for build­ing proof trees
Print the con­tents of a bib­li­og­ra­phy
Print lengths us­ing spec­i­fied units
Short­cuts com­mands to sym­bols used in prob­a­bil­ity texts
Gen­er­ate prob­lem sheets and their so­lu­tion sheets
Class for pro­duc­ing “pro­ceed­ings”
Pro­cess key-value pairs
Macros for IAG sym­po­sium pa­pers
A font that pro­vides the prod­uct in­te­gral sym­bol
Type­set a three-di­men­sional prod­uct box
Type­set pro­grams, recog­nis­ing key­words
Type­set­ting pro­grams and al­go­rithms
Creates an overview of a doc­u­ment's state
Visu­al­ize shares of to­tal amounts in the form of a (progress-)bar
Shell based proof­ing for -re­lated files
Com­mands for in­sert­ing an­no­ta­tions
Macros for build­ing proof trees
For­est-based proof trees (sym­bolic logic)
Load prop­er­ties from a file
A set of classes for prepar­ing pro­pos­als for col­lab­o­ra­tive projects
class for high qual­ity slides
De­fine pro­tected com­mands
Lit­er­ate pro­gram­ming pack­age
A Mik-based in­stal­la­tion for MS-Win­dows
A class for min­utes of meet­ings
Fonts for proto-Semitic cuneiform script
Com­pile, pre­view, and print doc­u­ments
Ex­am­ples from Przech­lewski's book
Pro­duce En­cap­su­lated PostScript from PostScript
Make files from Adobe Type 1 files
Gen­er­ate a PK font from an Adobe Type 1 font
Con­vert Adobe Type 1 fonts to
Con­vert Adobe Type 1 fonts to , MS-DOS ver­sion
Use PostScript com­mands in­side a pdf doc­u­ment
A con­verter from PostScript to En­cap­su­lated PostScript
A PostScript pre­viewer of PostScript files
Draw Bao di­a­grams
PostScript box macros, etc
En­ables one to put a PostScript draw­ing be­hind a box
en­vi­ron­ment for spec­i­fy­ing al­go­rithms in a nat­u­ral way
A graph­ics in­clu­sion pack­age
Cor­rect the bound­ing box of a PostScript file
Al­ter­na­tive font han­dling in
PostScript fonts for use with and
Tools for cre­at­ing a dis­tri­bu­tion of font met­rics
Re­place strings in en­cap­su­lated PostScript fig­ures
Use ps­frag and to la­bel an eps file
A ps­frag eXten­sion
Type­set go di­a­grams with PSTricks
sup­port for Greek Type 1 fonts
A for­mat for physics pa­pers
Use PostScript fonts by de­fault
Con­cate­nate PostScript files
Font sup­port for com­mon PostScript fonts
Sources of the met­rics used in PSNFSS
Ex­tra styles and en­cod­ings for PostScript fonts
Raw Type 1 fonts with
Pack­ages to use a se­lec­tion of Adobe Type 1 fonts
Sup­port for the em fam­ily of fonts
PSNFSS sup­port for Lu­cida Type 1 fonts
Draw­ing pic­tures us­ing PostScript spe­cials
PostScript pic­ture sup­port
Ex­tract im­ages from PostScript files
Select pages from PostScript files
A PSTricks pack­age for draw­ing 2D curves
A PSTricks pack­age for tilt­ing and other pseudo-3D tricks
Draw 3D ob­jects in par­al­lel pro­jec­tion, us­ing PSTricks
Put ob­jects at an ab­so­lute po­si­tion
Sim­u­la­tion of mod­u­la­tion and de­mod­u­la­tion
spe­cial ar­rows for PSTricks
Type­set au­toseg­men­tal rep­re­sen­ta­tions for lin­guists
Pro­duces bar charts us­ing PSTricks
Print bar­codes us­ing PostScript
Draw Bezier curves
PSTricks pack­age for "blurred" shad­ows
Draw cu­bic Bs­pline curves and in­ter­po­la­tions
Plot cal­en­dars in "fancy" ways
CIE color space
PSTricks pack­age for draw­ing elec­tric cir­cuits
A PSTricks pack­age for coils, etc
Draw­ing reg­u­lar com­plex poly­topes with PSTricks
Sup­port for draw­ing ER di­a­grams
Print diffrac­tion pat­terns from var­i­ous aper­tures
Draw elec­tric field and equipo­ten­tial lines with PSTricks
Create EPS files from PSTricks fig­ures
Eu­clid­ian ge­om­e­try with PSTricks
Bul­gar­ian trans­la­tion of the pst-eucl doc­u­men­ta­tion
Type­set PSTricks ex­am­ples, with code
Fill or tile ar­eas with PSTricks
Macros for curve fit­ting
Fixed-point arith­metic in PSTricks
Draw 3-di­men­sional framed boxes us­ing PSTricks
Draw frac­tal sets us­ing PSTricks
Draw "funny" ob­jects with PSTricks
PSTricks pack­age for plot­ting math­e­mat­i­cal func­tions
Draw GANTT charts with PSTricks
Geo­graph­i­cal Pro­jec­tions
A PSTricks pack­age to draw ge­o­met­ric tools
Three di­men­sional grids with PSTricks
Filling with colour gra­di­ents, us­ing PSTricks
A PSTricks-com­pat­i­ble graph­icx for use with Plain
Us­ing PSTricks plot­ting ca­pac­i­ties with in­fix ex­pres­sions rather than RPN
Com­pute in­ter­sec­tions of ar­bi­trary curves
Type­set com­plex trees for lin­guists
PSTricks pack­age for dis­play­ing knots
Draw ob­jects for Chem­istry lab­o­ra­to­ries
Page lay­out macros based on PSTricks pack­ages
Lenses with PSTricks
Three di­men­sional light­ing ef­fects (PSTricks)
Plot­ting a mag­netic field with PSTricks
En­hance­ment of PostScript math op­er­a­tors to use with PSTricks
Images on a spher­i­cal mir­ror
Nodes and node con­nec­tions in PSTricks
Three di­men­sional ob­jects us­ing PSTricks
Solv­ing ini­tial value prob­lems for sets of Or­di­nary Dif­fer­en­tial Equa­tions
Draw­ing op­ti­cal ex­per­i­men­tal se­tups
Draw­ing op­tics di­a­grams
Osc­gons with PSTricks
Create and man­age graph­i­cal over­lays
Draw sim­ple at­tach­ment sys­tems with PSTricks
Make PDF ver­sions of graph­ics by pro­cess­ing be­tween runs
Draw med­i­cal pedi­grees us­ing PSTricks
Draw per­spec­tive views us­ing PSTricks
Pla­tonic solids in PSTricks
Plot data us­ing PSTricks
Draw­ing poker cards
Poly­gons with PSTricks
Plot pul­leys, us­ing PSTricks
Sim­ple syn­tax for trees
Place text over ob­jects with­out ob­scur­ing back­ground col­ors
Draw three-di­men­sional rib­bons
pst-shell: plot­ting sea shells
Sup­port of sig­nal pro­cess­ing-re­lated dis­ci­plines
So­phis­ti­cated colour gra­di­ents
Plot the so­lar sys­tem for a spe­cific date
Draw per­spec­tive views of 3D solids
Draw a Soroban us­ing PSTricks
Draw con­tin­uum, emis­sion and ab­sorp­tion spec­tra with PSTricks
Draw­ing a fid­get spin­ner
Draw­ing hy­potro­choids as with a spiro­graph
Civil en­gi­neer­ing di­a­grams, us­ing PSTricks
As­sorted sup­port files for use with PSTricks
Text and char­ac­ter ma­nip­u­la­tion in PSTricks
Draw­ing very thick lines and curves
PSTricks sup­port func­tions
Trees, us­ing PSTricks
Draw trees with more than one root node, us­ing PSTricks
UML di­a­grams with PSTricks
Print­ing or­na­ments
A PSTricks pack­age for rolling ve­hi­cles on graphs of math­e­mat­i­cal func­tions
En­able ar­rows show­ing diph­thongs on vowel charts
Draw per­spec­tive views of three di­men­sional ob­jects
Key-value syn­tax for PSTricks pack­ages
A script to com­pile PSTricks doc­u­ments via pdf
A tool for PSTricks doc­u­men­ta­tion
Pro­ces­sor for in­clud­ing fig­ures in
Trans­late PostScript and PDF to other for­mats
Sup­port for ps­frag within pdf
Ex­tract ASCII from PostScript and PDF
Con­struct lin­guis­tics trees us­ing a pre­pro­ces­sor
Dep­re­cated en­try for PSTricks pack­age
A col­lec­tion of add-ons and bug­fixes for PSTricks
PostScript macros for
Use of PSTricks in cal­cu­lus lec­ture notes
PSTricks ex­am­ples
PSTricks ex­am­ples files of the 7th edi­tion of the book PSTricks
Ex­am­ples from PSTricks book (English edi­tion)
Use of PSTricks in cal­cu­lus lec­ture notes
type­set se­quences with jus­ti­fi­ca­tion point­ers
Pack­age for writ­ing a the­sis at Penn State Univer­sity
PostScript util­i­ties
A sys­tem for pub­lish­ing in Ja­panese
Plain for­mat and doc­u­ments for p and e-p
Font maps and con­fig­u­ra­tion tools for Ja­panese/Chi­nese/Korean fonts with (u)ptex
Fonts for use with p
Macro and other ex­ten­sions for use with P
Con­vert Ja­panese doc­u­ments to PDF
A ‘lip­sum’ for Per­sian
Hyphen­ation Pat­terns for Por­tuguese
Ad­don to the newtx pack­age
Macros for 'Progress of The­o­ret­i­cal Physics'
PT Sans font and sup­port
PT Serif font and sup­port
Don­ald Knuth's punk font
sup­port for punk fonts
OpenType ver­sion of Knuth's Punk font
Make EPS work with both /dvips and pdf
An out­line of pub­lish­ing with
Tools for use with (u)p
Ja­panese font setup for p and up
in­ter­face for the CJK cat­e­gory codes of up
Palatino-like fonts in sup­port of math­e­mat­ics
Shape se­lec­tion for PX fonts Greek let­ters
Hyper­ref sup­port for p
e-p driver for PGF in­ter-pic­ture con­nec­tions
Ruby an­no­ta­tions ac­cord­ing to JIS X 4051
Patch to graph­ics driver for scal­ing in ver­ti­cal di­rec­tion of p
Vir­tual maths al­pha­bets based on px­fonts and tx­fonts
Emu­late non-Uni­code Ja­panese fonts us­ing Uni­code fonts
Com­mand line util­i­ties to check, sort, merge BibTeX files
A tool for man­ag­ing bib­li­o­graphic databases
Scripted ver­sion of doc­strip
Use Pyg­ments to for­mat code list­ings in doc­u­ments
Embed Python code in
High­light­ing of Python code, based on the list­ings pack­age
Run Python from within a doc­u­ment, type­set­ting the re­sults
Zapf Chancery as cal­li­graphic math al­pha­bet
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