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Macros for FAC jour­nal
Doc­u­ment class for prepar­ing faxes
Type­set and cal­cu­late in­voices ac­cord­ing to Venezue­lan law
Gen­er­ate an in­voice
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for Per­sian (in Uni­code)
A sim­ple macro for fak­ing bold fonts
Type­set quo­tient struc­tures with
Mak­ing Leaflets
Project Re­ports and No­tices in FAMT in­sti­tute
Vari­ants of \fbox and other games with boxes
Chap­ters with quo­ta­tions
Fan­cy­hdr out­line for Ger­man read­ers
Ex­ten­sive con­trol of page head­ers and foot­ers in
Ital­ian trans­la­tion of fan­cy­hdr doc­u­men­ta­tion
Elab­o­rate page head­ers, spec­i­fied in a non- lan­guage
Ob­so­lete head­ings pack­age
Com­plex la­belling with
Type­set num­bers
Dec­o­ra­tion of in­di­vid­ual para­graphs
A pack­age for fancy cross-ref­er­enc­ing
Cus­tom pre­sen­ta­tion class built upon Beamer
Fancy page bor­der tabs
In­clude a wide range of ma­te­rial in PDF tooltips
So­phis­ti­cated ver­ba­tim text
Four ba­sic fonts for Chi­nese type­set­ting
The DANTE Users Group Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions
Cer­van (Span­ish Group) FAQ
French FAQ of the Guten­berg user group
Easy gen­er­a­tion of FAST di­a­grams
Sim­ple spec­i­fi­ca­tion of PiCTeX di­a­grams
Doc­u­ment class for prepar­ing faxes
A free Bembo-like font
Com­puter Science the­sis class for Univer­sity of Dort­mund
BibTeX style for Fron­tiers in Bio­science
Fonts for African lan­guages
Create an arith­metic flash card
A the­sis class for the FCAV/UNESP (Brazil)
Flow di­a­grams in 2.09
Macros for use in the au­thor's doc­u­men­ta­tion
Type­set­ting fi­nan­cial ta­bles
A maths sym­bol font
macros for 3D
Class for aca­demic works at FEI Univer­sity Cen­ter — Brazil
One-shot changes to to­ken reg­is­ters such as \ev­ery­par
French ver­sion of "graph­ics in "
Ex­tended ver­sion of Knuth’s logo type­face
Creates a DB of Bi­ble verses from e-Sword, then fetches them on com­mand
Fetch the cur­rent class name
Type­set Engi­neer­ing PhD the­ses at the Univer­sity of Porto
A font for in-text Feyn­man di­a­grams
Feyn­man di­a­grams in 2.09
Macros and fonts for cre­at­ing Feyn­man (and other) di­a­grams
Au­to­matic pro­cess­ing of feynmp graph­ics
Freeform slides based on the ar­ti­cle class
A font for Frege's Grundge­setze der Arith­metik
draw rulers on the fore­ground or in the text
Tools for in­stalling Type 1 fonts in MiK
Beamer theme for the­sis de­fense pre­sen­ta­tions at Masaryk Univer­sity (Brno, Czech Repub­lic)
Gen­er­ate Fi­bonacci num­bers
Fil­ter­ing files us­ing
Ger­man HTML beamer pre­sen­ta­tion on nice­text and more­hype
FIFO and stack im­ple­men­ta­tion for pack­age writ­ers
Con­vert fig files to English
Con­vert .fig files to vec­tor graph­ics
Con­vert fig out­put to
Con­vert fig out­put to mf­pic
Use fig as lay­out de­signer for
Yet an­other Fig to vec­tor con­verter
Man­age­ment of fig­ures for large doc­u­ments
Mini-fonts for fig­ured-bass no­ta­tion in mu­sic
Or­ga­nize fig­ure databases with BibTeX
Col­lect fig­ure cap­tions for later print­ing
Flow text around a fig­ure
Con­vert xfig fig­ures with em­bed­ded com­mands to EPS
Float­ing fig­ures in Plain
A tu­to­rial on fig­ures in 2.09
Auto-size graph­ics
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for Fin­nish lan­guage
Ex­tended file­con­tents and file­con­tents* en­vi­ron­ments
file­con­tents + macro + ver­ba­tim
Ac­cess and com­pare info and mod­i­fi­ca­tion dates
's mech­a­nisms for deal­ing with file er­rors
Self-de­scrip­tions in file head­ers
Hooks for in­put files
En­hanced dis­play of File In­for­ma­tion
Pro­vide file mod­i­fi­ca­tion times, and com­pare them
Type­set an­swers to over­print on printed forms
Find bib­li­o­graphic de­tails from SPIRES
Find hy­phen­ated words in a doc­u­ment
The File Name Keeper
Com­fort­ably draw and type­set fi­nite state ma­chines
A Fin­nish ver­sion of plain.bst
Ad­just be­haviour of the ends of foot­notes
Fira fonts with sup­port
Fire­fox search pro­for­mas for CTAN
A doc­u­ment for ab­so­lute be­gin­ners
Print the first line of a para­graph in a dif­fer­ent font
Ex­am­ples from “First steps in
Fit graph­ics on a page
Th­e­sis class and tem­plate for Masaryk Univer­sity (Brno, Czech Repub­lic)
Set a rect­an­gu­lar des­ti­na­tion and jump to it
Per­mit Com­puter Modern fonts at ar­bi­trary sizes
Fix mis­cel­la­neous two col­umn mode fea­tures
Patch bib­li­ogra­phies in­ap­pro­pri­ately bro­ken by BibTeX
Fully scal­able ver­sion of Com­puter Modern Math Ex­ten­sion font
Mul­ti­ple use of the same foot­note text
Fix JFM (for *p)
Im­prove Lat­vian lan­guage sup­port in XeLaTeX
Patches for
Al­low hy­phen­ation of par­tially-em­pha­sised sub­strings
Make maths com­ply with ISO 31-0:1992 to ISO 31-13:1992
Col­lab­o­ra­tive an­no­ta­tion tool for
Add notes on doc­u­ment de­vel­op­ment
Add sup­port for dvips+ps2pdf, XeLaTeX, dvipdfmx to the ocgx pack­age
Fix mag­ni­fi­ca­tion in pdf
A se­lec­tion of lay­out styles
La­bels for files and fold­ers
Gen­er­ate flash­cards for print­ing
Flag style deriva­tion pack­age
Set­ting and clear­ing of flags in bit fields
Type­set flash cards
A class for type­set­ting flash­cards
Directly em­bed flash movies into PDF files
Flat­ten \in­put, etc., in a file
Flat­ten \in­put, etc., in a file
Create a Flash slide show of dig­i­tal pho­tos
Sym­bol ma­nip­u­la­tion for breqn
Type­set flip­book an­i­ma­tions, in the cor­ners of doc­u­ments
Hor­i­zon­tal flip­ping of pages with pdf
Im­proved in­ter­face for float­ing ob­jects
Dep­re­cated: Al­lows text to be wrapped around fig­ures
Wrap text around floats
Sup­press page head­ings on float-only pages
Dif­fer­ent pagestyles on float pages
Mod­i­fy­ing the lay­out of floats
Draw flow di­a­grams in pic­ture mode
Shapes for draw­ing flowcharts, us­ing TikZ
Create text frames for posters, brochures or mag­a­zines
Place cap­tion on an ad­ja­cent page
Sim­ple float­ing point arith­metic
Balanc­ing columns at last page
In­clude Func­tional in
Dis­play the value of a counter in a va­ri­ety of for­mats
Con­vert foot­notes to end­notes
Warn for split foot­notes
Seven pre­de­fined chap­ter head­ing styles
Al­ter the for­mat of \la­bel ref­er­ences
Num­ber the lines of foot­notes
Auto-num­bered foot­notes in Plain
Foot­notes in para­graphs
Foot­notes in para­graphs
Man­age foot­note marks’ in­ter­ac­tion with punc­tu­a­tion
Con­trol the po­si­tion of foot­notes on the page
Macros for sup­port­ing mainly stu­dents of FNSPE CTU in Prague
Doc­men­ta­tion of font com­mands
A pro­grammable font test pat­tern gen­er­a­tor
Print a num­ber in ‘ap­pro­pri­ate’ for­mat
The ti­tle font of the Mads Føk mag­a­zine
In­ter­face be­tween foil­tex and 2HTML
A class for over­head trans­paren­cies
Sup­port for the Dan­ish "Da­nia" pho­netic sys­tem
Macros to change text and math­e­mat­ics fonts in plain
Macros to change text and math­e­mat­ics fonts in plain
Font se­lec­tion for plain
Font con­tain­ing web-re­lated icons
Ad­di­tional font axes for
A font sam­pler
Gen­er­ate a font book
Chang­ing fonts, sizes and en­cod­ings in Plain
A font sam­pler
An in­tro­duc­tion to font us­age in (Ger­man)
Stan­dard pack­age for se­lect­ing font en­cod­ings
Help with in­stalling fonts for and
Font in­stal­la­tion guide
A par­tial font down­load­ing util­ity
Al­ter­na­tive font­load­ers for lu­aot­fload
Font Mfizz icons for use in
Scheme for nam­ing fonts in
Tools to sim­plify us­ing fonts (es­pe­cially TT/OTF ones)
De­jaVu-com­pat­i­ble Thai fonts
Fonts for type­set­ting in Church Slavonic lan­guage
Thai fonts for from TLWG
Sam­ples of fonts that come with Live
Print a sam­ple of a font
Ad­vanced font se­lec­tion in XeLaTeX and Lua
Print font ta­bles from a doc­u­ment
Bind fonts to spe­cific uni­code blocks
Bi­b­li­o­graphic ref­er­ences as foot­notes
A range of foot­note op­tions
A range of foot­note op­tions
Im­prove on 's foot­note han­dling
Back-ref­er­ences from foot­notes
hy­per­ref aware foot­note.sty
Ref­er­ences to ranges of foot­notes
Per-page num­ber­ing of foot­notes
Us­ing ar­ray struc­tures in
Sys­tem­atic treat­ment of ‘for­eign’ words in doc­u­ments
Draw­ing (lin­guis­tic) trees
Quick­start Guide for Lin­guists pack­age "for­est"
Ma­nip­u­late \in­dex com­mands in a file
Iter­a­tion in
For­mat a counter as a fixed-point num­ber
In­tro­duc­tory course in French
Let­ters to mul­ti­ple re­cip­i­ents
Ini­tial­ize form prop­er­ties us­ing big-en­dian en­cod­ing
Type­set­ting phys­i­cal units
Create forms con­tain­ing field for man­ual en­try
Print For­tran pro­grams
Pro­cess XSL-FO
Left sub- and su­per­scripts in maths mode
Us­ing Utopia fonts in doc­u­ments
Use New Cen­tury School­book text with Fourier maths fonts
Anal­yse and dis­play the struc­ture of a doc­u­ment
Win­dows32 spell checker for , RTF, HTML, and BibTeX
Fixed point arith­metic
SC and OsF fonts for URW Pal­la­dio L
A we­b2C-based sys­tem for MS-Win­dows32
Us­ing ps­frag with pdf
Frag­ments of code
Framed boxes for Plain
Framed or shaded re­gions that can break across pages
Bi­b­li­ogra­phies con­form­ing to French ty­po­graphic stan­dards
Develop and dis­tribute pack­ages and classes and BibTeX styles
A col­lec­tion of pack­ages
Un­sup­ported pack­ages from the Franken­stein bun­dle
French cur­sive hand fonts
An OpenType Greek cal­lig­ra­phy font
A sur­vey of avail­able free Math­e­mat­ics fonts
The sur­vey of avail­able free Math­e­mat­ics fonts, trans­lated to Viet­namese
A full-fea­tured font ras­ter­izer li­brary
Type­set fregean Be­griff­ss­chrift
French trans­la­tion project
French macros, us­able stand-alone or with Ba­bel
Im­ple­ment French-style spac­ing at punc­tu­a­tion
Pro­fes­sional type­set­ting of French doc­u­ments
Make some­thing like guillemets
French hy­phen­ation pat­terns
A pre-pro­ces­sor for files to sup­ports uni­code bidi­rec­tional al­go­rithm
Two classes for writ­ing let­ters in Ger­man
Type­set let­ters in the French style
Create a fron­tispiece for Ital­ian the­ses
Al­lows \cap­tion at the be­gin­ning of a ta­ble-en­vi­ron­ment
sup­port in FTE text ed­i­tor
foot­notes any­where
Foot­notes in two col­umn doc­u­ments in one col­umn only
Ex­tend the ap­pli­ca­bil­ity of the \foot­note com­mand
Left-block­ing for let­ter class
Mini­page span­ning a com­plete page
Set all page mar­gins to 1.5cm
Full page pic­tures
Ad­just mar­gins of text block
Macros for func­tional anal­y­sis and PDE the­ory
Pro­vid­ing ac­cess to var­i­ous font fam­i­lies
Sup­port for the cal­ligra font in doc­u­ments
Sup­port for Wash­ing­ton Univer­sity Cyril­lic fonts
Sup­port for the la and lla fonts in doc­u­ments
sup­port for CM out­line fonts
Sup­port for Van­roose hand­writ­ing font
‘Startrek’ fonts, and macros to sup­port them
sup­port for the twcal hand­writ­ing font
Sup­port for the va fonts in doc­u­ments
A flex­i­ble, lan­guage-in­de­pen­dent web sys­tem
Fonts for the Older Futhark script
An­glo-Friesic futhorc al­pha­bet font
Met­rics and sup­port for Fu­tura Fonts From Adobe As Used By No Starch Press
Ex­ten­sions and patches for fan­cyvrb
A lit­er­ate pro­gram­ming tool work­ing with
Get first and last words of a page
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