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Glyphs used when translit­er­at­ing an­cient scripts
Web based in­ter­face to a bib­li­o­graph­i­cal database
A bun­dle of pack­ages sub­mit­ted by Heiko Oberdiek
Macros for type­set­ting Ob­ject Z
Oby­knoven­naya No­vaya fonts
A tree hold­ing ob­so­lete soft­ware
OCR A font
Strip un­nec­es­sary macros from a file
PDF OCG sup­port in
Ma­nip­u­late OCG lay­ers in PDF pre­sen­ta­tions
Use OCGs within a PDF doc­u­ment with­out JavaScript
Drop-in re­place­ment for ‘ocgx’ and ‘ocg-p’
Type­set chem­i­cal for­mu­lae with
Sup­port for the Chero­kee lan­guage
Fonts for OCR-A
Fonts for OCR-B
OCR-B fonts in Type 1 and OpenType
sup­port for ocr fonts
Type­set mu­si­cal pitches with oc­tave des­ig­na­tions
Type­set books fol­low­ing clas­si­cal de­sign and lay­out
Read OpenDoc­u­ment Spread­sheet doc­u­ments as ta­bles
Font to pro­vide the Öster­re­ichis­che Schulschrift
In­stall Type 1 for use with Omega
Macros for man­ag­ing large font col­lec­tions
Fonts for type­set­ting Ogham script
Sup­port for Pol­ish ty­pog­ra­phy and the ogonek
Sup­port for the Inuk­ti­tut Lan­guage
Fonts for Klin­gon
Com­puter Modern old-style ar­rows with smaller ar­row­heads
An early FAQ in English
Chang­ing fonts, sizes and en­cod­ings in Plain (ob­so­lete ver­sion)
Com­pute Modern-like font with long s
Fonts old Per­sian cuneiform script
Old Stan­dard: A Uni­code Font for Clas­si­cal and Medieval Stud­ies
Type 1 ver­sions of Old Stan­dard fonts with sup­port
Old style num­bers in OT1 en­cod­ing
OLE - in­ter­face
col­lec­tion with plain macros writ­ten by Petr Olšák
A wide-char­ac­ter-set ex­ten­sion of
If the doc­u­ment has only one page, omit page num­ber
In­hibit use of non-ams­math math­e­mat­ics markup when us­ing ams­math
Class for Of­fice of Naval Re­search Ocean Bat­tlespace Sens­ing an­nual re­port
Foot­note-style bib­li­o­graph­i­cal ref­er­ences
The Open Sans font fam­ily, and sup­port
Some sym­bols which are not eas­ily avail­able
SPIE Op­ti­cal Engi­neer­ing and OE Let­ters manuscript tem­plate
En­vi­ron­ments for writ­ing op­ti­miza­tion prob­lems
Fa­cil­i­tate op­tional print­ing of parts of a doc­u­ment
Pro­vides con­ve­nient key-value op­tions for pack­age writ­ers
Macros with mul­ti­ple op­tional pa­ram­e­ters
Order ref­er­ences in a file
Sort bib­li­og­ra­phy in doc­u­ment by or­der of ci­ta­tion
Coun­ters as or­di­nal num­bers in Por­tuguese
A ver­sion of for which Ori­en­tal lan­guages are na­tive
Type­set­ting the Oriya script us­ing
A font for orkhun script
A dis­tri­bu­tion of for OS/2 Warp
Macros for Op­ti­cal So­ci­ety of Amer­ica Jour­nals, etc
Bib style for the Ox­ford Stan­dard for the Ci­ta­tion of Le­gal Author­i­ties
Os­ma­nian font for writ­ing So­mali
Op­ti­mal­ity The­ory tableaux in
Macros, met­rics, etc., to use the OT2 Cyril­lic en­cod­ing
In­stall OpenType fonts for use in / sys­tems
Gen­er­ate con­trol files for OpenType fonts
Mod­i­fi­ca­tion of a Go pack­age to cre­ate oth­ello boards
Type­set Othello (Rev­ersi) di­a­grams of any size, with an­no­ta­tions
Braces over and un­der a for­mula
Col­lect hor­i­zon­tal ma­te­rial for con­tribut­ing to a para­graph
List en­vi­ron­ment for mak­ing out­lines
Change sec­tion lev­els eas­ily
Pro­duce "out­line" lists
Create out­lines for sci­en­tific doc­u­ments
Round-cor­nered framed boxes
Boxes with frames whose cor­ners are rounded
Com­pressed lists of su­per­script nu­mer­i­cal ci­ta­tions
In­cre­men­tal slides
Over­look sans fonts with sup­port
Com­bine com­mands over in­cluded graph­ics
Dou­bled "over" ar­row
Parse text
A BibTeX style geared for use in the hu­man­i­ties
for the Mac­in­tosh
Fonts pack­aged for use in Oz
Ger­man pack­ag­ing of Oz
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