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In­put Uni­code char­ac­ters in no­ta­tion, in emacs.
Univer­sity of Ari­zona the­sis and dis­ser­ta­tion for­mat.
Doc­u­ment class for the­ses at Univer­sity of Alaska Fair­banks.
Course texts, mas­ter the­ses, and ex­ams in Univer­sity of An­twerp style.
En­vi­ron­ments and op­tions for type­set­ting uni­ver­sity as­sign­ments.
the­sis class for Univer­sity of Cal­gary Fac­ulty of Grad­u­ate Stud­ies.
Th­e­sis and dis­ser­ta­tion class sup­port­ing UCB re­quire­ments.
A the­sis/dis­ser­ta­tion class for Univer­sity of Cal­i­for­nia at Davis.
Im­ple­men­ta­tion of the (new in 2015) \Uchar­cat com­mand in lua, for Lua.
Font ac­tions in ac­cord­ing to what is be­ing pro­cessed.
Ex­tended UTF-8 in­put en­cod­ing sup­port for .
Type­set­ting aca­demic doc­u­ments from the Univer­sity of Cax­ias do Sul.
Univer­sity of Cal­i­for­nia the­sis for­mat.
2.09 doc­u­ment style for UC Th­e­ses.
Th­e­sis class for the Univer­sity of Duis­burg-Essen.
A class for writ­ing ex­er­cise sheets.
Th­e­sis class for UESTC.
Fonts for Ugaritic cuneiform script.
A font for Ugaritic.
Fonts for the Korean lan­guage.
A doc­u­ment class for type­set­ting home­work as­sign­ments.
Time print­ing, in Ger­man.
Univer­sity of Hous­ton the­sis doc­u­ment style.
Class for UIUC the­sis red-bor­dered forms.
UIUC the­sis class.
The UK di­gest.
A com­pi­la­tion of Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions with an­swers.
Type­set date in a UK-ish form.
Hyphen­ation pat­terns for Bri­tish English.
Hyphen­ation Pat­terns for Ukrainian.
Old copies and sources of Baskerville.
Pack­age for un­der­lin­ing.
Sup­port of Qual­i­ta­tive Data Anal­y­sis.
Ex­tra math­e­mat­i­cal char­ac­ters.
Ex­tra math­e­mat­i­cal char­ac­ters in Adobe Type 1 for­mat.
Th­e­sis class and tem­plates for Univer­sité Laval.
An emacs mode with "light­ning com­ple­tion'.
A class for build­ing leg­is­la­tion files for UMBC Stu­dent Govern­ment As­so­ci­a­tion Bills.
Univer­sity of Michi­gan Th­e­sis class.
UML di­a­grams in .
Ger­man in­put en­cod­ings in .
Un­der­line text al­low­ing line break­ing.
Pack­age for fancy box frames.
Dis­ser­ta­tions at the Univer­sity of Michi­gan.
Fonts to type­set with the xgreek pack­age.
Create doc­u­ments ac­cord­ing to the UNAM guide­lines.
UNAM Th­e­sis Tem­plate.
Style for Univer­si­dad Na­cional Au­tonoma de Mex­ico the­ses.
Un­cial manuscript book-hand font.
Math for Un­der­grad­u­ates cheat sheet.
Un­der­lined run­ning heads.
Multi-word un­der­lin­ing.
Po­si­tion dec­o­ra­tions over and un­der ex­pres­sions.
Con­trol the be­haviour of "_" in text.
Type­set a tilde un­der one (or many) maths sym­bols.
A sim­ple macro for plac­ing a tilde un­der a char­ac­ter.
Over­ride ex­ist­ing la­bels.
Make a new ex­e­cutable with for­mat loaded.
Mark un­fin­ished parts of a doc­u­ment.
TrueType ver­sion of Un-fonts.
TrueType ver­sion of Un-fonts.
Ci­ta­tion style for lit­er­ary stud­ies at the Univer­sity of Wup­per­tal.
Ci­ta­tion style for lin­guis­tic stud­ies at the Univer­sity of Wup­per­tal.
Ex­tended UTF-8 in­put en­cod­ing for .
Macros for us­ing char­ac­ters from Uni­code’s Pri­vate Use Area.
Ex­per­i­men­tal uni­code bidi pack­age for .
Uni­code data and load­ers for .
Uni­code math­e­mat­ics sup­port for and Lua.
Type­set the­ses for Univer­sity of Florence (Italy).
Pro­vides un­lim­ited unique counter.
De­fine syn­tac­tic sugar for Uni­code .
A bi­monthly re­port class for the PhD School of Ma­te­ri­als, Mecha­tron­ics and Sys­tem Engi­neer­ing.
Type­set units.
Type­set­ting units in .
Her­bert Bayer's 'uni­ver­sal' font.
Univer­salis font, with sup­port.
Papers, the­ses and re­search pro­pos­als in (Ap­plied) Lin­guis­tics at Vi­enna Univer­sity.
Type­set to look like Unix man out­put.
A class for the­ses at the Fac­ulty Of Graphic Arts in Za­greb.
Sup­press \outer flags in Plain .
Un­packed copy of the sources.
Watch­ing di­gest to­kens.
Type­set a dis­ser­ta­tion cover page fol­low­ing UNSW guide­lines.
UNSW the­ses.
Strip com­mands from source file.
Class for dis­ser­ta­tions and the­ses at the Univer­sity of Ore­gon.
Doc­u­ment class for dis­ser­ta­tions at the Univer­sity of Wol­lon­gong.
Ti­tle page for dis­ser­ta­tions at the Univer­sity of Wol­lon­gong.
Print UPC-A bar­codes.
Upright Greek let­ters.
p and mis­cel­la­neous macros for up.
Mul­tilin­gual in­dex pro­ces­sor.
Writ­ing spec­i­fi­ca­tions such as for UP-based method­olo­gies.
Al­ways keep up­right shape for some punc­tu­a­tion marks and Ara­bic nu­mer­als.
Show "re­al­is­tic" quotes in ver­ba­tim.
En­sure ref­er­ences are up­right.
Uni­code ver­sion of p.
Plain for­mats and doc­u­ments for up.
Fonts for use with up.
Sup­ple­men­tary Chi­nese kin­soku for Uni­code *p.
Beamer and scrlt­tr2 classes and styles for the Univer­sity of Re­gens­burg .
Hyper­links for a wide range of URIs.
Ver­ba­tim with URL-sen­si­tive line breaks.
Web sup­port for BibTeX.
URW free font sup­port.
URW An­ti­qua con­densed font, for use with .
URW Arial font pack for use with .
URW "Base 35" font pack for .
URW Gara­mond No8 Adobe Type 1 fonts.
URW Grotesq font pack for .
Use URW's clone of Zapf Chancery as a maths al­pha­bet.
Sup­port for use of free URW fonts.
USC the­sis style for 2.09.
A sim­ple bib­li­og­ra­phy pro­ces­sor.
Style op­tion to do Usenix con­fer­ence pro­ceed­ings.
Shorter (and longer) un­der­lines and un­der­bars.
US hy­phen­ation pat­terns.
Giv­ing mean­ing to var­i­ous Uni­code space char­ac­ters.
U.S. Pa­tent Ap­pli­ca­tion Tools for and .
User-mode doc­u­men­ta­tion for .
Mod­i­fied back­ref.
Univer­sity of Toronto the­sis style.
Univer­sity of Texas at Austin grad­u­ate the­sis style.
Con­vert­ing Uni­coded text to , HTML, etc.
Tools to pro­duce for­mats that read Pol­ish lan­guage in­put.
A half-tone font.
Adobe Utopia fonts.
A the­sis class def­i­ni­tion for Univer­sity of Toronto.
Th­e­sis pack­age for the Univer­sity of Texas at Austin.
Slides with a sim­ple Power Point like ap­pear­ance.
Univer­sity of Wash­ing­ton the­sis class.
2.09 style for Univer­sity of Wash­ing­ton the­ses.
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