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Con­vert re­fer and EndNote files to BibTeX
Chem­i­cal haz­ard codes
Generic ragged left and ragged right op­tions
Al­ter­na­tive ver­sions of "ragged"-type com­mands
Set an en­tire doc­u­ment raggedright
Syn­tax spec­i­fi­ca­tion in EBNF
A rake-based tool to com­pile projects
Use Rale­way with (-alike) sys­tems
Ran­domise to­ken strings
Marginal pic­tures
Gen­er­at­ing “ran­dom” num­bers in
Deal with database, loop, and ran­dom in or­der to build per­son­al­ized ex­er­cises
Ran­dom walks us­ing TikZ
Ran­domise the or­der of char­ac­ters in strings
Will turn a range of ci­ta­tions into some­thing like [1..3]
Gen­er­ate ran­dom in­te­gers, ra­tio­nal and dec­i­mal num­bers
A "very bad type­writer" font
A pack­age for Ger­man lawyers
Database re­ports us­ing and Ruby
Low level font com­pat­i­bil­ity mode for
Print raw Rus­sian text
Dec­i­mal-cen­tered op­tion­ally rounded num­bers in tab­u­lar
Use RCS (re­vi­sion con­trol sys­tem) tags in doc­u­ments
Type­set RCS ver­sion con­trol in mul­ti­ple-file doc­u­ments
RCS data in Plain doc­u­ments
Sup­port for the re­vi­sion con­trol sys­tem
Read, store and re­call ar­ray-for­mat­ted data
Pro­vides GetFileInfo with­out the need to load the file
Vari­ants of com­mon box-com­mands that read their con­tent as real box and not as macro ar­gu­ment
Macros for real arith­metic cal­cu­la­tions
Ac­cess OpenType sub­script and su­per­script glyphs
Com­mands to type­set re­cur­sion the­ory pa­pers
A class to type­set recipes
Type­set 5.5" x 8" recipes for brows­ing or print­ing
Type­set recipes in note-card-sized boxes
Re­cy­cle top mat­ter
A font pro­vid­ing the "re­cy­clable" logo
Con­di­tional macro, etc., def­i­ni­tions
A He­brew font
Menu-based ed­i­tor
Check ref­er­ences (in fig­ures, ta­ble, equa­tions, etc)
Counter op­er­a­tions with la­bel ref­er­ences
De­fine ref­er­ence la­bels items with names of their own
Con­vert a BibTeX bib­li­og­ra­phy to re­fer for­mat
Con­vert be­tween re­fer for­mat and BibTeX for­mat
Bi­b­li­o­graphic soft­ware sup­port­ing /BibTeX
Tech­niques for re­flect­ing graph­ics
For­mat tech­ni­cal ref­er­ence man­u­als
Re­fresh PDF files "re­motely"
Ad­vanced for­mat­ting of cross ref­er­ences
Dis­play the al­lo­ca­tion sta­tus of the reg­is­ters
High level patch­ing of com­mands
Type­set pro­grammable el­e­ments in dig­i­tal hard­ware (reg­is­ters)
In­for­ma­tion about reg­is­ter use
Type­set schol­arly edi­tions
Type­set schol­arly edi­tions in par­al­lel texts
A "re­laxed" font en­cod­ing
Set the font size rel­a­tive to the cur­rent font size
Re­move from counter-re­set lists
Re­move coun­ters from re­set list
Mul­ti­ple ver­sions from the same con­tent
Draw Reo Chan­nels and Cir­cuits
Re­peat ex­e­cu­tion of macros
Re­peat items in an in­dex af­ter a page or col­umn break
Di­a­grams for school math­e­mat­ics
Con­trol how text gets copied from a PDF file
Type­set a multi-chap­ter re­port
Pack­ages "re­quired" of a dis­tri­bu­tion
Check­sum based re­run checks on aux­il­iary files
A re­sumé class
Au­to­mat­i­cally re­size overly large equa­tions
Type­set ar­ti­cles for the jour­nal Res Philo­soph­ica
Type­set a re­sume both in English and Chi­nese
Plain macros for re­sumés
Play­ing Rev­ersi in
Re­v­erse enu­mer­ate
Hacks to make writ­ing quan­tum pa­pers for rev­tex4-1 less painful
Styles for var­i­ous Physics Jour­nals (old ver­sion)
Styles for var­i­ous Physics Jour­nals
Gen­er­ate BibTeX en­tries for IETF RFCs
Ruby font in­staller li­brary
Tables of RGB colour pa­ram­e­ters
Draw­ing rib­bon proofs
Create rich text strings
Sup­port for use of \par­shape in
Rewrite la­bels in EPS graph­ics
Create rich me­dia an­no­ta­tions in a PDF file
Re­peat­ing of math op­er­a­tor at the bro­ken line and the new line in in­line equa­tions
Re­move in­cor­rect lig­a­tures in Ger­man doc­u­ments
A pack­age to help change page lay­out pa­ram­e­ters in
Use a ro­man font for the­o­rem state­ments
Con­vert from Runoff to
A fun demo of Acro eDu­ca­tion Bun­dle fa­cil­i­ties
Sup­port for the Roboto fam­ily of fonts
De­clare ro­bust com­mand, with \new­com­mand checks
Create in­dex with pagerefs
Write ro­man num­ber with "bars"
Type­set­ting ro­man page num­bers
Ro­mande ADF fonts and sup­port
sup­port for Ro­ma­nian
Ro­man page num­bers neg­a­tive
Gen­er­ate ro­man nu­mer­als in­stead of ara­bic dig­its
Us­ing the free Rosario fonts with
Ro­tate boxes
Box ro­ta­tion macros for Tex­tures
Ro­ta­tion tools, in­clud­ing ro­tated full-page floats
Per­form sim­ple ro­ta­tion cyphers
Ro­tate floats
Type­set sets of pages up­side-down and back­wards
Ro­tunda manuscript book-hand font
Round boxes in
macros for highly con­fig­urable rounded rect­an­gles (op­tion­ally with text)
Type­set­ting old-school Dun­geons and Dragons mod­ules
Rede­fines the plain pagestyle
Place text over PSTricks ob­jects with­out ob­scur­ing back­ground col­ors
Lin­guis­tic tree di­a­grams for Role and Ref­er­ence Gram­mar (RRG) with
BibTeX style for use with RSC jour­nals
Ralph Smith's For­mal Script font
A math­e­mat­i­cal cal­li­graphic font based on rsfs
Draw­ing rhetor­i­cal struc­ture anal­y­sis di­a­grams in
Ac­cess to R anal­y­sis from within a doc­u­ment
Con­vert Rich Text For­mat (RTF) files to
Con­vert RTF to
In­put en­cod­ing with fall­back pro­ce­dures
Make suit de­tails for Ger­man courts
Draw Real-Time schedul­ing (GANTT) charts
Doc­u­ment Ru­bik cube con­fig­u­ra­tions and ro­ta­tion se­quences
Type­set Ru­bik cubes and move no­ta­tion
Pro­cesses a se­quence of Ru­bik ro­ta­tions
Rus­sian hy­phen­ation
Pro­vide 3 com­mands for type­set­ting rules
Plain ta­ble macros, with ruled ca­pa­bil­ity
A ty­po­graphic ruler for
A TikZ li­brary for straight-edge and com­pass di­a­grams
Two rune fonts
Fonts for An­glo-Saxon futharc script
Win­dows pro­gram to run vari­ant and var­i­ous utils as needed
in Rus­sian, with­out ba­bel
help in Rus­sian
Ro­man Rus­tic manuscript book-hand font
Rad­boud Univer­sity Titlepage Pack­age
Rel­a­tive View­port for Graph­ics In­clu­sion
In­crease the num­ber of avail­able out­put streams in
Class for Ry­er­son Un­ver­sity Grad­u­ate School re­quire­ments
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