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This topic con­tains pack­ages to per­form cal­cu­la­tions within .

Ar­bi­trary pre­ci­sion num­bers im­ple­mented by macros.
Macros for type­set­ting ba­sic arith­metic.
In­te­ger cal­cu­la­tions on very large num­bers.
Cal­cu­late Pas­cal's tri­an­gle.
Ex­tends ’s \nu­m­expr...\re­lax con­struct to big in­te­gers.
Sup­port 16-bit (dou­ble) cal­cu­la­tions in .
Ex­tend the func­tion­al­ity of the calc pack­age.
Sim­ple arith­metic in com­mands.
Lan­guage for nu­meric ta­bles.
Use as a sci­en­tific cal­cu­la­tor.
Cal­cu­late the week num­ber of a date.
Calo­rie check­ing for di­eters.
Test the con­sis­tency of the Ital­ian per­sonal Fis­cal Code.
A sim­ple ac­count­ing pack­age.
Cal­cu­late day of week from a nu­meric date.
Pro­vide Euro val­ues for na­tional cur­rency amounts.
Gen­er­ate Fi­bonacci num­bers.
Sim­ple float­ing point arith­metic.
Fixed point arith­metic.
macros for the re­pro­duc­tion of Gar­rigues' Easter nomo­gram.
Ex­pand­able arith­metic op­er­a­tions with in­te­gers.
Gen­er­ate ran­dom in­te­gers.
Create lists of ran­dom num­bers.
Fixed-point real com­pu­ta­tions to 8 dec­i­mals.
A non-de­struc­tive mod­u­lus and in­te­ger quo­tient op­er­a­tor for .
Com­pute the mass of a printed ver­sion of a doc­u­ment.
Cal­cu­late pi.
Log­a­rithms and pow­ers with (al­most) 9 dig­its.
Sup­port for float­ing point op­er­a­tions at level.
En­hance­ment of PostScript math op­er­a­tors to use with PSTricks.
Gen­er­at­ing “ran­dom” num­bers in .
Ran­dom walks us­ing TikZ.
Gen­er­ate ran­dom in­te­gers, ra­tio­nal and dec­i­mal num­bers.
Macros for real arith­metic cal­cu­la­tions.
Cal­cu­late sin func­tion val­ues.
Print PDF num­bers with min­i­mal dig­its.
Sim­ple trigono­met­ric func­tions.
De­mon­stra­tion code for cos and sin in macros.
Ex­pand­able op­er­a­tions on long num­bers.
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