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This topic contains packages to perform calculations within .

Arbitrary precision numbers implemented by macros.
Macros for typesetting basic arithmetic.
Integer calculations on very large numbers.
Calculate Pascal's triangle.
Extends ’s \numexpr...\relax construct to big integers.
Support 16-bit (double) calculations in .
Extend the functionality of the calc package.
Simple arithmetic in commands.
Language for numeric tables.
Use as a scientific calculator.
Calculate the week number of a date.
Calorie checking for dieters.
Test the consistency of the Italian personal Fiscal Code.
A simple accounting package.
Collection of calendars based on the PocketDiary-module.
Date driven lists or lists driven by date-intervals.
A personal organiser.
Compute and display CVSS base scores.
Calculate day of week from a numeric date.
easing functions for pgfmath.
Provide Euro values for national currency amounts.
Generate Fibonacci numbers.
Simple floating point arithmetic.
Fixed point arithmetic.
macros for the reproduction of Garrigues' Easter nomogram.
Expandable arithmetic operations with integers.
Generate random integers.
A computer algebra system for users of Lua.
Operations on complex numbers inside documents using Lua.
Numerical integration using Lua inside documents.
Create lists of random numbers.
Fixed-point real computations to 8 decimals.
A non-destructive modulus and integer quotient operator for .
Numerically evaluate mathematical expressions in form.
Iteration and recurrence relations: finding fixed points, zeros and extrema of functions.
Create multi-column tables of mathematical functions.
Compute the mass of a printed version of a document.
Draw beautiful Pascal (Yanghui) triangles.
Define pgfmath functions using xfp.
Calculate pi.
A parser for polynomial expressions.
Logarithms and powers with (almost) 9 digits.
Support for floating point operations at level.
Enhancement of PostScript math operators to use with PSTricks.
Generating “random” numbers in .
Random walks using TikZ.
Generate random integers, rational and decimal numbers.
Macros for real arithmetic calculations.
Work on linear systems using xint or pyluatex.
Calculate sin function values.
Print PDF numbers with minimal digits.
Simple trigonometric functions.
Demonstration code for cos and sin in macros.
Interface to the 3 floating point unit.
Expandable operations on long numbers.
Interactive computing sessions (fractions, floating points, polynomials).
Calculates and displays arithmetic operations.
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